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On Friday, November 13th, 11.2015, a shocking series of attacks took place in Paris, for which countless innocent people paid with their lives. The attacks shocked the French population. Everywhere there is fear, sadness and boundless anger at the terrorist organization "IS", which came out as responsible for this tragedy immediately after the crime. On day 3 after this catastrophe there are still a lot of inconsistencies and numerous unanswered questions, which generally contributes to even more uncertainty. What is the actual background to these terrorist attacks?

The string pullers behind the attack

When I found out about the attacks late that Friday evening, I was emotionally shattered. It is unacceptable that so many innocent people had to lose their lives again and that a concentrated load of suffering and horror found its way into people's hearts. A shiver ran down my spine, followed closely by my intuitive mind, which immediately signaled to me that there was a very high probability that these attacks were false flag actions. There are good reasons for that. Most terrorist attacks in recent years, decades and even centuries have been false flag actions.

Politicians have no say!!!Such terrorist attacks were staged by the elites in order to assert elitist political and economic interests. E.g. the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek, Duchess of Hohenberg in the 20th century (a western planned assassination that started World War I), or World War II made possible by western funding and control. In 1 there were the attacks on the Word Trade Center, which were staged by the US government in order to have legitimation for the Afghanistan intervention on the one hand and to maintain the Muslim/Islam enemy image on the other. The third aspect was the massive build-up of their own surveillance measures.

This includes, among other things, the missing Boeing 777 passenger plane (flight MH 370), which was shot down by the elite due to patent rights/patent discrepancies. It is also about flight MH17, which was shot down by the occupied Ukrainian government on behalf of the elites in order to influence people to initiate and legitimize a possibly imminent war with Russia. The attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was also planned and carried out by the elites (the elite power structures control our secret services, governments, corporations, media, etc.). All these attacks and conflicts, which were very cruel and contemptuous of people, did not come about purely by chance. There was a reason for every attack. The current series of attacks did not take place without reason.

Who are the culprits?

We fund terroristsOn day 1 after the attacks, the terrorists found themselves blown up have an almost undamaged identity card, which specifically pointed to the perpetrators. On the same day, our mainstream media announced that the Islamic State was responsible for the series of attacks, since they had written about it. This evidence was enough for me to understand that the attacks in Paris was also a false flag action.

The IS is basically just a consequence or a managed and controlled seed of dangerous American politics. The USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel have so far been very generous in financing IS. These governments supplied this organization with countless weapons in order to use the IS organization to destabilize the region around Syria. It also provided an opportunity to portray Islam as a "terror religion" (the same happened to Al Qaeda, an organization created and trained by the CIA). Terror and terror were deliberately spread in France in order to be able to push through various elitist goals. One goal of this, which has meanwhile been missed, is the demonization of Islam. After the attack on Charlie Hebdo, many people formed the opinion that Muslims or Islam is the root of all evil and that one should be afraid of this religion. In this more recent attack, however, it was made clear directly by the majority of the international population that terror is not based on any religion and that these terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.

This is not about the implementation of a divine faith or a divine ideology by force of arms. The members of the IS organization are not executors of a divine will. These assassins are fanatical, mentally ill people, far removed from reality. But that is precisely the target group that can be manipulated, massively brainwashed and trained by secret services etc. (another interesting fact worth mentioning here: Anders Breivik, a Christian and not a Muslim, who killed over 70 people. The diagnosis was also here : Mentally ill, psychosis of the schizophrenic type. Faith members of Islam carried out attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Here, too, Islam is portrayed as the initiator and catalyst of terror).

Islam has nothing to do with terror!

The Axis of EvilCurrently, the media no longer holds Islam specifically responsible for these atrocities, but only the Islamic State. The former no longer works, since more and more contemporaries recognize and understand the global connections. The friendly Muslim neighbor next door has absolutely nothing to do with these attacks.

He is a man like everyone else who just wants to live in peace and social security. This is exactly what Islam teaches. Peace and understanding among peoples and that we humans are basically all the same, with respect for our different individualities. No one has the right to judge another person's life. Discrediting those deeply rooted in their religion only fuels anger and hatred. The current attacks in Paris were intended to sensitize Europe to war. The terrorist attacks were the legitimation for this. French President Monsieur Hollande immediately used the word “war” in his rhetoric. "C'est la guerre". The USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel wanted to use the IS organization to destabilize the region around Syria. After all, Syria has valuable mineral resources.

However, Syrian President Assad intended to liberate his country from the enslaving dollar rule (once again, it was all about economic interests. In this context, the international energy market is a key keyword). The hoped-for destabilization did not work, however, as other countries such as Russia rushed to help Syria. For this reason everything is now being done by the "powers that be" to "save" the situation after all. What is happening right now? France has declared war on IS. Airstrikes were immediately launched on Syria. The terrorist attacks of November 13.11.2015, XNUMX legitimized this. This intention immediately met with unqualified approval from the broad masses of the French population.

Violence breeds violence!

Albert EinsteinBut these newer acts of war do not end a war, bloodshed only breeds more bloodshed. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" was written in the Bible. The answer to this will undoubtedly be new terrorist attacks, which will not be limited to France or Europe, but will certainly have global dimensions.

The world is just about to get out of joint again. "The devil is actually unemployed, we humans are just doing his work". In this context, it is very questionable for me to react to terrorist attacks with immediate military action. The US government itself admits that invading Iraq after the attacks on the World Trade Center was a major political mistake. The action ambivalence of most people consists in the fact that one is not willing to accept such attacks or violent excesses in whatever form, but at the same time immediately demands countermeasures that are in no way inferior to them. What does all this have to do with humanity? Our actions are also incompatible with the principles of the Christian faith. ISIS, which seems to be a real global threat, should of course be stopped.

The possibility to do so is definitely there. Weapons deliveries and support from the population should be ended as soon as possible. The oil business, with which the IS is mainly financed, should quickly come to a standstill. Unfortunately, this wishful thinking cannot be implemented at the moment, as some governments still benefit greatly from the purchase of this relatively cheap oil. Ultimately, this is where the circle closes. Since developments are not always foreseeable, things can sometimes get out of hand. Our current world or modern man apparently requires a certain amount of manipulation, otherwise everything would not work properly. This includes governments cleverly stirring up hatred, conveying the need for military conflicts, manufacturing weapons in order to supply them to other countries/organizations. All this hypocrisy and double standards of the people ultimately only means that the elitist power structures can do with us humans what they want. After all, we can be manipulated at will, completely dominated by a huge political cartel. A large number of people are currently expressing their solidarity and compassion with a France Facebook picture.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that people are addressing this issue and expressing their sympathy. Unfortunately, such events as are currently taking place in France every day. The only reason this is not being made transparent is the lack of coverage by our media for whatever reason. Everything is subject to subtle and overarching censorship.

Many people die every day

The lies of the westLast Thursday, more than 40 people died after IS attacks in Beirut. About a month ago, 224 people died in a Russian plane crash over Egyptian airspace (probably also an assassination attempt by IS). A month ago, an attack took place in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in which more than 100 people died. Disasters and human tragedies happen every day.

Countless people are executed for no reason. At times, events take place that far exceed the scale of the Paris attacks. Here our sympathy is very limited. Why not? Such events do not seem to be particularly important for the NWO. This lack of relevance contributes to the fact that media coverage is very scarce. Things like this are usually only discussed to a limited extent. With widespread and intensive reporting, one can assume that a bad event was only discussed for the purpose of appealing to human compassion and solidarity.

Behind this are always political and also economic goals. At this point I would like to emphasize again very explicitly that I do not condemn or even discredit anyone who has formed their own picture of what is happening in France (those who are convinced of this should remain so). However, it is my intention to draw attention to the fact that every action has a cause and that you should question and reflect on your own actions and actions. It's time to get up. We should no longer bow to this economic, political and media abuse. We humans should learn to question things like geopolitical events and terrorist actions and to orientate ourselves and deal with all sides. This is the only way we can achieve intellectual freedom that enables us to have an unprejudiced and open worldview. All tragedies that take place on our planet are very cruel. Every day things happen that are beyond humanism and idealism.

The attack in Paris was a terrible event. Many innocent people paid for this with their lives. I offer my deepest condolences to all of the family and loved ones who are going through difficult times because of the loss of a loved one. I think there is hardly anything worse. However, we must not be completely frightened or discouraged by these criminal actions. We are the people, we are the people and we should continue to stick together and not go to a level that manipulates us for the sake of submission. Finally, a few groundbreaking words: There is no way to peace, because peace is the way!

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