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Hidden magical abilities slumber in every human being, which can be specifically unfolded under very special conditions. Whether telekinesis (moving or changing the location of objects with the help of one's own mind), pyrokinesis (igniting/controlling fire with the power of thought), aerokinesis (mastering the air and wind) or even levitation (levitation with the help of the mind), all these abilities can be reactivated and can be traced back to the creative potential of our own state of consciousness. Alone with the power of our consciousness and the resulting train of thought, we humans are able to shape our reality as we wish. We all create our own reality with the help of our consciousness and can realize every thought, no matter how abstract, on a material level.

The development of spiritual abilities

Development of spiritual abilitiesEvery person has potential magical abilities to fully develop again. Such a project is linked to various conditions. On the one hand, it is important to ensure that your own vibration frequency is increased. In this context, every human being consists exclusively of energy, which in turn vibrates at a corresponding frequency. Negativity of any kind reduces one's own vibration frequency, causes one's own energetic foundation to condense, which in turn results in a weakening of one's physical and psychological constitution (you feel heavier/sluggish). Conversely, a positive thought spectrum increases your own vibration frequency, your subtle material becomes lighter and your health improves (you feel lighter/more joyful). In order to be able to develop magical abilities again, a positive basic mood or an increased vibration frequency is necessary. We often limit our own mental abilities in this regard because we condense our own energetic foundation through doubt and skepticism. You doubt the realization or existence of these abilities in advance, even make fun of them if necessary and, as a result, keep yourself trapped in an energetically dense frenzy. Faith is therefore an important indicator for the development of magical abilities. Only when we jump over our own shadow, let judgments nip in the bud, become mentally free and deal with this topic without prejudice, and even have full confidence in our own original powers again, do we pave the way to being able to develop these abilities again. Only when we believe in the existence of these abilities again and are convinced of them should we begin to manifest them. There are various instructions on the internet to enable you to realize a wide range of skills again. As far as the ability of telekinesis is concerned, it usually begins with moving a so-called psi wheel. You can find out exactly what this is and how you can move it using your thoughts alone in the following video.

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