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With today's daily energy on October 31, 2022, the influences of the fourth annual lunar festival of Samhain (known to many as Halloween). For this reason, a very magical quality of energy will reach us, because the annual moon and sun festivals in particular give us an extremely transformative, but also reflective quality of vibration every time. Fateful energies are often even spoken of, which, thanks to their powerful magic, essentially have a transforming influence on our mind, body and soul system.

The energies of Samhain

HalloweenSamhain in particular, which according to the witches' calendar is even celebrated on the 11th new moon of a year, was considered by the Celts to be an extremely important moon festival, which above all ushered in the cold season. With the transition to November, we can generally experience how the annual cycle has continued to be completed. The nights have become significantly longer, it gets dark earlier, the trees have lost almost all their leaves, the temperatures have dropped across the board and in some regions the first frosts can already be seen. The season of introspection and strong self-reflection has therefore begun and with Samhain the transition to this time or winter is initiated. But in general, the importance and above all the energy quality of Samhain goes much deeper. So basically, Samhain represents a sacred festival that served as a harvest festival to shield oneself from dark energies. Purifying fire rituals were practiced, with which difficult circumstances should be brought into salvation/purification. Various precautions were therefore taken so that the light will not only return in the coming times (the return of the next annual cycle), but even persists. In general, however, the focus is on protecting and maintaining the light. For this reason, the festival served to keep away possible dark circumstances and dark entities. In the end it was the exact opposite of what is practiced today.

Preserve the light - turn away the dark

avert the darkSo nowadays people disguise themselves in dark costumes, take the disguise of dark spirits, entities and co. through which they conjure up the dark directly or even let it into their system. Seen in this way, the dark or, even better, the devilish is celebrated instead of causing the opposite effect. And since the veils to our subtle planes are significantly thinner on Samhain, corresponding accesses are created more easily. One is seen alone through a dark entity/demon disguise as a vessel that can attract appropriate occupations. Well then, either way, that shouldn't stop us from harnessing the powerful energy of Samhain to ignite Light within us. For example, I myself will use tomorrow night to light a special campfire where I will fully indulge in the Samhain magic. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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