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Today's daily energy on October 31, 2019 is shaped on the one hand by the influences of the sixth portal day, i.e. we are still experiencing a very energetic and, above all, transformative circumstance and on the other hand by the final energies of October. In this context, we are now directly in the November transition and will get a foretaste of what awaits us in the coming month.

The November energies

As far as this is concerned, November, along with the escalating decade energies (the final decade - transition into the coming golden decade - years of light - manifestation of our abundance - harmony with ourselves), again bringing with it a massive bundling of corresponding energies. After all, by the end of this decade (that stood for networking, self-discovery, revelation/unveiling & self-knowledge) the last old 3D residual structures will be cleaned up on our part and we ourselves will subsequently immerse ourselves even more deeply in our own consciousness of origin. As the penultimate month, - for this reason - a huge transformation will become manifest and an immense further development can be experienced. We will also experience special moments of self-reflection and introspection, after all, winter is now becoming manifest and the winter time, yes the winter time, is always accompanied by reflection, peace, introspection and balance. In this way, you withdraw more and devote yourself more to your own inner life, a circumstance that is also perfectly reflected in nature. This is how some animals experience hibernation, i.e. the animal world retreats. The same applies to the flora/nature, which is also retreating and subsequently setting a new course for the next year.

The coming month of November will allow us to experience our own being even more profoundly and will be accompanied by a very special magic. The transformation potential will therefore be much more pronounced and due to the fact that we are in the penultimate month of the most transformational decade of all, we will once again experience a tremendous cleansing. The return to our own origins, i.e. the permanent manifestation of our own original consciousness - made possible by an even stronger cleansing of old structures/habits/patterns - will become more and more manifest/realized in November. Our further development will therefore once again reach a completely new level of existence - this will allow more space for the manifestation of the golden age within ourselves..!!

On the other hand, the climate is getting colder, frostier and everything, literally everything is contracting/retreating. At the end of the day, this principle can also be transferred 1:1 to ourselves and it is therefore perfect that now with November and the associated winter, a quality of time is in the foreground in which the relationship with ourselves is very important energy is experienced. And since the month begins with four portal days, things get off to an extremely transformative start in this regard. This intense start to the month also reflects the energy for the next four weeks. It will become even stormier, more intense, more magical and more knowledgeable. The collective intellectual level will therefore experience a massive increase. We will therefore have an extremely important and, above all, cleansing month. A month accompanied by endless magic. With that in mind, let's enjoy the final moments & energies of October. A month that also changed us a lot (what kind of person were you at the beginning of the month? A completely different one! Extremely accelerated time quality). Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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