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Today's daily energy on October 31, 2017 announces an end on one side and a beginning on the other. This day is also the last day of this month and can subsequently serve as the end of another phase of life, or even as the end of a certain emotional/mental phase. Ultimately, completely different cosmic influences will have an effect on us in the coming month Because of this, completely new opportunities will open up to people again, that's how it has always been and that's how it always will be - a new month - new influences - new potential - a new phase.

Review the month

Review the monthIn this context, in the coming month of November we will again have 6 portal days, which, unlike the last 2 months, will not take place one after the other, but will be spread over the entire month. So we have another 6 exciting days in which the veil becomes significantly thinner and we as humans are literally shaken awake again. The first portal day will reach us on November 4th and will definitely bring with it a huge subtle boost, especially since a full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus will reach us on this day, a very powerful combination. The remaining portal days will reach us on November 7th, 12th, 15th, 23rd and 28th. For this reason, we should definitely look forward to the coming month, as it will be very energetic in nature, especially at the beginning. Well, because of the last day of this month and the associated holiday, we should definitely look back and remember the past few weeks. If necessary, we should review our lives over the past few weeks and ask ourselves what went right in our lives, we should consider what might still be blocking our thoughts, what worries us, our shadow parts, - in particular, look at those that have stood in our way in the past few weeks and think about why we keep letting these inconsistencies mentally dominate us. We can only lead a completely spiritually free life again if we don't let ourselves be overwhelmed again and again by our own problems, if we don't let ourselves be blocked again and again by our own self-imposed negative thought patterns. Otherwise, we will repeatedly fall into a negatively oriented state of consciousness, possibly resonate with lack and, as a result, attract things that do not correspond to our own ideas. We always attract into our lives what we are, what we think, feel and then radiate in this context.

Because of your own mind and the associated thought/mental abilities, every person is responsible for their own future path in life. We are the forges of our own happiness, the creators of our reality..!!

For this reason, use today and become aware again of what you actually want in your life or what path you want your life to take. Ultimately, you are the designers of your own destiny and what could happen in the coming months depends entirely on your mental orientation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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