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Today's daily energy on May 31, 2020 is, on the one hand, shaped by the influences of the Libra Moon (At least the moon changes to the zodiac sign Libra at 16:35 p.m. - earlier in the day the influences of the Virgo zodiac sign still prevail) and on the other Page from the final influences of the highly intense and, above all, consciousness-expanding May.

The end of the most transformative month

The end of the most transformative monthIn this context, May felt like it was one of the most transformative months in a long time, i.e. it was a month in which, on the one hand, countless structures changed, new views became manifest, the foundations for new paths were laid, conflicts were resolved and united even achieved incredible impulses. At times the month was very strenuous and exciting, but at the same time it was euphoric and invigorating (I experienced all the moods myself - e.g. 3-4 days ago a total high and then 1-2 days ago moments where I myself was going through a strong cleanse and experiencing severe fatigue + headaches). And of course, May generally always stands for change, change and transformation (From spring to summer – everything grows, thrives and changes), but this May turned everything upside down again. Since 2020 we have been in the midst of a gigantic mass awakening and one of the greatest deceptions of the illusory system (Corona) ensured that many people completely questioned their existing lives, along with the system (Of course not all of them, but the increase was/is huge!!! Since then, fewer and fewer people allow themselves to be mentally deceived and deal with the true background of the system - This is why there is such a strong mass media and political discrediting of people critical of the system and even this resistance makes people wake up, because such a strong exclusion of those who think differently People are simply made to think - Restriction of freedom of expression - People are described as right-wing, as Reich citizens - Language as a weapon - while one makes fun of these people, excludes them - paradoxical behavior that subsequently makes people think - As I said, in order to expand your own horizons, it is important to question things with an open mind and an open heart - instead of blindly smiling at everything - to push boundaries).

Energetic escalation 

Since then, the collective awakening process has reached a completely new dimension and hardly two days are the same as the next. The acceleration is HUGE (That's why it seems to you that time, i.e. the days, weeks and months, are just racing - the planetary frequency increase and, above all, the associated increase in our own basic frequency, simply results in what feels like a much faster expansion of our spirit in new directions) and every month was accompanied by massive inner development in this regard.

Planetary resonance frequency

The planetary resonance frequency has repeatedly illustrated the intensity of May. As far as this is concerned, we received countless anomalies almost every day, some of them very strong anomalies, and then towards the end a stronger black shift became manifest - incidentally an event that was said to have an extremely formative and powerful energy, an energy that... The collective consciousness level has drastically increased again..!!

But May topped all of the previous 2020 months in this regard - it was an energetic escalation at its best. It is also difficult to put into words the feelings, self-knowledge, encounters and realignments that occurred to you. You entered the stage this month and emerged as a new “human” (we are gods/creators who have been persuaded that they are human beings - everything in existence/everything perceivable is ONLY A PROJECTION OF OUR OWN INNER WORLD ON THE OUTSIDE AND VICE VERSA - EVERYTHING IS YOURSELF AND YOU YOURSELF IS EVERYTHING - THERE IS NO SEPARATION - YOU ARE THE SOURCE - Just as you created the experience of reading this article for yourself, - you expanded your mind/creation in this direction - YOU alone made this circumstance become TRUTH - YOU created this situation for yourself - You created me, my written words and consequently this article - YOU let it come into your perception - it is ONLY a product of your thoughts, your imagination, your spirit - you yourself are the creator who creates a creation for yourself has, in which creators exist, who can also become aware that they themselves are creators, who in turn have created a creation in which... etc.). That's why the month was huge and today we're experiencing the last day of this extremely intense month. Then we reach June again, a month in which things will certainly be very intense and consciousness-expanding (that simply cannot be avoided), which will definitely bring with it a new and, above all, not so turbulent energy.

The Libra Moon ushers in June

On the other hand, June is also initiated by the zodiac sign Libra, which means that, especially at the beginning, the focus will be on the relationship with ourselves and, above all, the balance that comes with it, which needs to be realized or would like to be realized. As I said, despite all the influences, our own realization of God is ALWAYS in the foreground and by clearing up our own inner conflicts and, above all, through the associated healing of the relationship with ourselves, we are increasingly able to revive this highest self-image . This process is inevitable. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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