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Today's daily energy on May 31, 2018 is shaped on the one hand by the strong portal day influences and on the other hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Capricorn at 11:26 a.m. The “Capricorn Moon” gives us influences that make it much easier for us to work on the manifestation of corresponding goals. We are more focused and get there A little closer to realizing ambitious goals. This also puts our sense of duty in the foreground. Otherwise, another star constellation reaches us.

Today's constellations

daily energyMoon moves into the zodiac sign Capricorn
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Concentration & determination
[wp-svg-icons icon=”contrast” wrap=”i”] Effective for two to three days
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Became active at 11:26

The Capricorn Moon gives us seriousness, thoughtfulness, concentration and determination. As a result, we could pursue ambitious goals with vigor and concentrate completely on the manifestation of various projects. Since our sense of duty is much more pronounced, our private life could be neglected. There is little time for enjoyment and leisure.
daily energyMoon (Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 120°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”smiley” wrap=”i”] Harmonious in nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Became active at 13:02

This trine between the Moon and Uranus gives us great attentiveness, persuasiveness, ambition and an original spirit throughout the day, which is why this constellation also benefits our determination. We go our own way and look for new methods. We are determined, imaginative, love to travel and have a lucky hand when it comes to undertakings.

Geomagnetic Storm Intensity (K Index)

Geomagnetic Storm Intensity (K Index)The planetary K index, or the extent of geomagnetic activity and storms (mostly due to strong solar winds), is rather minor today.

Current Schumann resonance frequency

Regarding the planetary resonance frequency, only a “smaller” impulse reached us today. Otherwise things are pretty quiet at the moment. We will be curious to see whether even stronger impulses will reach us today or in the following two final portal days.Schumann resonance frequency

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Today's daily energy is mainly shaped by the portal day influences, which is why our own mental life is still in the foreground. Otherwise, the influences of the Capricorn Moon also have an effect on us, which is why we could be quite dutiful and determined. Now is a good time to pursue your own ambitious goals.

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