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Today's daily energy on July 31, 2018 is mainly shaped by the influences of the "Pisces Moon" and therefore by three different lunar constellations. For this reason, the current days still represent increased emotionality, a certain dreaminess, sensitivity and, in keeping with this, our own mental life. In this context it should also be said again that especially on days where the moon is in the zodiac sign Pisces, our own current state of being and, as a result, our mental life are in the foreground.

Still influenced by the “Pisces Moon”

Still influenced by the “Pisces Moon” Instead of devoting ourselves to supposedly external states (since everything we perceive is ultimately a projection of our own internal state, one could also represent the external perceptible world as our inner mental life. Here we also like to speak of a reflection of one's own reality). your own attention is increasingly focused on your own inner world. Overall, this can be of great benefit to us, especially if we switch off a little, allow ourselves to relax and take a look into our own soul. As a result, you could also think about what your own life is currently like, i.e. whether you are happy, dissatisfied, whether you have been able to implement the things you have planned or whether you are currently experiencing a certain “standstill” (life is to be compared to a constant river that always wants to flow. Rigidity and entrenched life patterns therefore always temporarily limit our own quality of life, even if corresponding experiences can be important for our own prosperity). The current “Pisces days” could therefore give us a deep look into our own mental life and subsequently show us our own current state of development. As already mentioned, we are also influenced by three different constellations in parallel. A trine between the Moon and Jupiter took effect at 05:22 a.m., which overall represents social success, material gains and a positive attitude to life.

Every thought and every breath is a thought and breath that takes place in consciousness. We are this consciousness, this thoughtless and breathless consciousness. – Mooji..!!

At 09:29 a.m. a conjunction between the Moon and Neptune came into effect, which can promote a certain dreamy mood and an imbalance. Last but not least, a sextile between the Moon and Pluto takes effect at 16:27 p.m., which can awaken our sentimental nature and represents our emotional life. Due to the “Pisces Moon”, today is all about our soul and our emotional and dreamy moods. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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