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Today's daily energy on January 31, 2020 is mainly shaped by the final energies of January and the associated portal day influences. For this reason, we can expect another explosive one towards the end of the month Mixture of energies and the resulting impulses and self-knowledge, which in turn can or even do come to us.

Final portal day

Final portal dayAs far as this is concerned, the current energy quality also brings with it days on which we ourselves have no changes, expansions of consciousness (Well, your own mind is constantly expanding/expanding - but you know what I'm getting at), impulses or even self-knowledge, i.e. days when we don't see anything special about our lives (within our daily being) is noticeable, are almost no longer present at all. And since the beginning of the golden decade, this situation has become even more intense (just like the one that comes with it accelerated time quality – Time, which we in turn bring to life in our minds by thinking in temporal structures – Only then does time become manifest – it feels incredibly accelerated – everything passes and emerges faster).

We are starting to open up! 

In general, the current quality of collective consciousness is increasing tremendously and is moving us ever closer into states of self-realization and acceptance. In this context, self-realization is also the key word for the coming month of February. Slowly but surely the temperatures are getting milder (unusual for this time of year) and you can already sense the coming spring and increased temperatures. This circumstance can be transferred 1:1 to the current collective reality, because after we had withdrawn a lot in the winter months and had completely deepened our inner world (we were granted the most incredible self-knowledge), it is now about us bringing our inner knowledge out into the world in the form of actions and deeds.

Our self-actualization comes first NOW!!

Our own self-realization therefore comes first. As a result, we ourselves become brighter, lighter, expand our spirit in significantly higher-frequency directions and take the external world by hand - we realize ourselves (Outside, the temperatures are rising - the days are getting longer, the nights and the “dark hours” are getting shorter - we ourselves are opening up and carrying our light out into the world). Well, the same applies to our own self-acceptance. Accompanied by the accelerated change and, above all, our own spiritual further development, i.e. the knowledge of who we are (The creator), you also start to be much more anchored in the present and accept the circumstances as they are.

Feel the perfection of your life - that you created yourself as a creator!!!

For example, I have been able to accept this circumstance very strongly in the past few days and thoughts on my part about unfulfilled circumstances were quickly dissolved when I realized that there is nothing bad about this self-created unfulfillment and secondly that everything should happen exactly like this - that everything is my development , serves my prosperity, my progress and, above all, my well-being, that complete fulfillment, in relation to all life circumstances, is on the way to me anyway - everything is a perfectly coordinated divine construct in which nothing could be different. And since we ourselves always attract something into our lives or create something that corresponds to our ideas, the orientation of our inner world, our beliefs, our overarching feelings and, above all, the image we have of ourselves, it is again, incredibly fulfilling to pursue this aforementioned idea. Well, in the end, today's daily energy will give us corresponding impulses and allow us to strongly feel our inner perfection if we open ourselves up to it. We are all on the best path. Therefore, step through the open portal today and go into your self-realization - break all boundaries and know that with this portal and also with the last day of this month, we are crossing a new threshold. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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