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Today's daily energy on December 31, 2021 is primarily shaped by the powerful transitional influences that will in turn usher us into the next highly magical year of this golden decade. This transition will be extremely powerful and will truly lead us into a completely new quality of energy. We are therefore changing from an extremely stormy oneand above all transformative year into the next even more changing but also revealing year. In general, we are all in the years of revelation or fundamentally even in the end times (It even feels like the last phase of the end times – the coming end of the old world).

The end times are taking place

EndzeitSince the beginning of the golden decade, the old world, or rather the matrix, has been massively maneuvered into a state of decay, i.e. the illusory world has been dissolving at a massively accelerated pace since then. We were all able to observe this process perfectly. It began in the first year of the golden decade, i.e. in 2020, and through the initiation of the critical global situation, the disintegration of the old world was initiated. Since then, the system has been getting more and more out of joint and the previous system normality, in which many people were able to indulge in deep sleep for a long time, was badly hit. The crown chakra was also activated within the collective (hence the name with C*****), which initiated the connection to the divine. This triggered a wave of awakening people, i.e. a lot of people began to question the system and its background as well as the presence of their own minds. The situation became more and more acute and in 2021 this process was taken to a new level. The global circumstance has been intensified, humanity has been pushed even further into a corner and the masks of appearance have been dropped just as much. But all these shadowy measures are important, because they pave the way to the new world, i.e. a world in which all are reduced to destructiveness, appearances, illusion, lack of divine connection and spiritual smallness and in return humanity regains its full closeness to nature and divinity has made manifest. A golden world is about to return and in 2021 very big steps have been taken for this return.

The revealing year

The revealing year All the dark measures only promote the decay of the old world. Everything that is no longer based on the high frequency or completely refuses to do so joins the decay of the old one, everything else rises and prepares for the new world (the transition into 5D - We decide for ourselves whether we enter into illness or healing, into suffering or holiness). Anyone who still holds on to this is clinging to something that no longer exists at its core, because essentially the old matrix has already been dissolved, we are in a direct transition/change (the old/previous world no longer exists. And things will never be the same again, which is necessary, otherwise the world would return to sleep or to the world far removed from nature). Well, still, if all of that hadn't happened, the world still wouldn't be in turmoil, it all had to happen just like that for the old to fall and for humanity to awaken. The first two years of the golden decade could therefore be perceived as extremely stormy, stressful, confining and dark, but all of these are the harbingers of the manifestation of a new world. Now we will enter the third year of the golden decade and will therefore experience a very powerful year. At global and political levels, the pressure will certainly increase again and the darkness will rear up accordingly, we can all count on that. At the same time, this rebellion only marks the completion of the overarching ascension process. The darker it supposedly becomes or the more the system squeezes the world, the more its disintegration accelerates. In exactly the same way, people who are even more deeply asleep are woken up by the dubious actions of the fake actors. And next year this situation will be taken to the extreme. It will be a thoroughly revealing year, i.e. a year in which great decay will become manifest.

The Jupiter year

Countless illusory circumstances will be revealed to us and we will most likely experience severe cuts in the existing illusory system, all on an unprecedented scale, it can no longer be any other way. And fittingly, the stars are at our side. Apart from the fact that a very warlike energy still prevails until March (and many astrologers see a major event by March, something big is about to happen), a new planetary reign begins from March, to be precise from the spring equinox, because then the warlike Saturn year ends and Jupiter determines the energy quality of the year. The following aspects will have an energetic effect on us:

  • growth
  • prudence
  • Filling
  • Prosperity
  • Fertility
  • Joy
  • Glück
  • Optimism
  • Expansion

Thanks to Jupiter, we receive energetically very valuable and, above all, healing energies. There are still three difficult months until a special energetic change takes place, a shift that will benefit all of humanity. Especially those who are already very deep in the awakening process will experience very inspiring circumstances. Everything is directed towards healing, perfection, holiness and divinity. Those who carry these values ​​in their own spirit will not only experience permanent protection, but will also experience highly magical changes. With that in mind, everyone enjoy today's transitional celebration and have a happy new year. The third year of the golden decade begins. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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