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Today's daily energy on September 30 offers us wonderful conditions to be able to release our own mental blocks and karmic entanglements. So today's energetic circumstance supports us to transform/release things that have been clouding our own state of consciousness for a long time and in parallel stand in the way of the unfolding of our own harmonious flow.

Restore Harmonic Flow

Daily energy on September 30thFor this reason we should devote ourselves to our own inner state again today and cleanse our body/mind/soul in this regard. In doing so, we can free this system from countless energetic pollutions. In this context, this contamination/impurity also blocks the development of our own harmonious flow, lowers our own vibration frequency and consequently promotes the development of diseases. This contamination also has countless causes. The main cause is always a negative mental spectrum, a mental world that is firstly of a negative nature (your own problems, unresolved conflicts, karmic entanglements, trauma) which results in stress for this reason, secondly, an unnatural diet, which causes our body to deal with negative energies is fed + is increasingly burdened by it and thirdly countless other factors. This includes, for example, being held captive in self-imposed vicious cycles, compulsions, addictions, dependencies (also dependencies on life partners/life situations/workplace situations), too little exercise, fears, phobias + the inability to change such a life circumstance. Of course, in this context, all of these factors are solely due to our own mind. Our entire life is a product of our own mind and is continuously continued/shaped/changed by our current state of consciousness. For this reason, our own mind is also the key when it comes to initiating profound changes in our own lives. Only with our own spirit can we bring about change again and break out of our own vicious cycles, only with the help of our own spirit are we able to give our life a new shine and can achieve everything that we imagine can realize any goal again.

Change is an important aspect of life and should always be accepted + realized. In the end we also join the universal principle of rhythm and vibration and bathe in the flow of life..!!

Ultimately, we should therefore use today's daily energy to bring our own mind/body/spirit system back into shape. In this context, we shouldn't overdo it, but instead start with small steps. In doing so, one could initiate some minor changes in order to firstly change the orientation of one's own mind minimally and secondly to simply be able to experience the feeling of a change. In this respect, even a small change can often result in something big. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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