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With today's daily energy on November 30th, 2022, we are experiencing the influences of the last day of November and thus also the end of the third and final month of autumn. We can now look back on a month that felt like it couldn't have been more intense. Away from a total lunar eclipse (Blood moon), the very many unfulfilled, conflicted and above all hidden parts in ourselves could make visible, the very concise and, above all, revealing energies of the Scorpion Sun had an effect on us, especially in the first three weeks of November.

Looking back to November

The last day of NovemberNovember was generally accompanied by special changes and activated an incredible number of interfaces within our own energy field. This enabled us to once again grow beyond ourselves, especially since heavy energies were able to release themselves from our system in the form of various hidden problem issues. This created more space for the manifestation of higher frequency internal states. In exactly this way, we also gained a deeper insight into our own open emotional wounds. The Scorpio Sun, which in turn strongly illuminated our essence, confronted us, as I said, with some of our unfulfilled primal aspects. Ultimately, the first few weeks of November in particular served our own growth. Crumbly and burdensome structures emerged from our field, giving us the opportunity to perceive our true essence much more clearly. On a global and collective level, much has also been brought to light and we have come even closer to the rise of human civilization to a divine civilization. As I said, the current quality of time is extremely accelerated and we are inevitably heading towards the complete uninstallation of the Matrix system at incredible speed. It is only a matter of time before serious impacts, changes and direct upheavals become apparent. We are facing very stormy but also liberating circumstances.

The last day of November

Well, since the third week of November some planets (including the sun) changed to the zodiac sign Sagittarius and thus ushered in a quality that is not only of a forward-moving nature, but also shows us strong visions regarding our future path in life. For this reason, we can currently perceive an energy within us that makes it clear to us exactly how our lives should go, which projects we want to implement and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, how we can manifest these circumstances. How we implement and initiate certain things represents an overarching quality. Well, today, the last day of November, will certainly continue this overarching energy quality before we move into the first winter month of December. For me personally, the most magical month of the year is upon us and we can really look forward to the earthy and contemplative month. Appropriately, December is introduced by the visionary, sensitive and reflective zodiac sign Pisces, because last night at 01:14 a.m. the moon changed to the Pisces zodiac sign. So let's enjoy the last day of November and look forward to the coming winter. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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