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Today's daily energy on November 30, 2018 will continue to be influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo and, if necessary, by extremely strong influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency. In this context, we received another very violent energetic movement yesterday (see picture linked below). The month ends with another huge one Frequency increase and thereby paves an energetically strong foundation for December.

Strong influences at the end of the month?!

Strong influences at the end of the month?!In this context, the influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency have flattened out a little in the last few days, which is why I didn't expect such a strong increase to reach us again at the end of the month, although that shouldn't be surprising in itself, after all we are reaching it As far as this is concerned, there have been constant increases/boosts for months, sometimes from one moment to the next. Nevertheless, for this reason, internal conflicts and other shadowy aspects could be in the foreground again today. On the other hand, personal successes and other aspects that we have currently reconciled could also be experienced more intensely. As has often been mentioned, our own current mental orientation and quality flow into this and since our moods/states of consciousness are intensified on energetically strong days, completely different topics can be experienced (apart from the fact that within this overarching phase of intellectual change, each person deals with completely individual issues. Of course, transformation and cleansing take place across the board, but this affects each person differently). Influences regarding the planetary resonance frequencyDepending on our mood, we should therefore use the last day of November to reflect a little on the past few weeks, especially since this month was also characterized by a particular intensity. We could therefore ask ourselves internally the questions to what extent we have developed further, which goals we have come closer to and, above all, which internal conflicts have been resolved or even lost in importance (by the way, I will also review the month again , an article follows). Well, last but not least, I can say that I am curious to see what the further course of the planetary resonance frequency will be today. As I said, at this point (as I write this article) the data can only be guessed at. Nevertheless, I assume that strong influences will reach us. As has always been the case in the last few months. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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