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Today's daily energy on November 30th, 2017 represents an activation of our sacral chakra and therefore supports us in the plan to bring our own emotional state back into balance. For this reason, today's daily energy also acts as a support for our lives, which we should take back into our own hands. Instead of surrendering to a supposed fate, we should become our own fate again take it into your own hands and create a life that no longer arises from mental blockages.

Activation of our sacral chakra

Activation of our sacral chakraIn this context, our sacral chakra or also called sexual chakra (the second main chakra) stands for our sexuality, our reproduction, sensuality, creative power, creativity and, above all, our emotionality. Activating our sacral chakra also leads to healthy + balanced sexuality and greatly promotes our natural thought energies. Furthermore, activating this chakra today can put us in a stable emotional state and ensures that we don't get upset as quickly. We feel significantly stronger and as a result experience a considerable zest for life and can enjoy life in all its facets more without having to succumb to addictions or other various desires. On the other hand, this activation can also show us problems that are closely related to a blockage of the sacral chakra. For people who have a corresponding blockage, it could also be about the inability to savor and enjoy life. On the other hand, all kinds of emotional problems could also become noticeable. Strong mood swings could occur as a result, and various situations and lower thoughts, such as jealousy, could then become increasingly expressed again.

People who experience an imbalance from a sexual perspective, hardly enjoy life and often suffer from mood swings and an emotional imbalance often have a blocked sacral chakra as a result. The spin in this chakra is slowed down, corresponding areas can no longer be supplied with sufficient energy and a blockage manifests itself.!!

Ultimately, we would then be made aware of our own lack of self-acceptance. Nevertheless, activating our sacral chakra today is exclusively beneficial for our own mental and emotional prosperity and can therefore show us the problems of a corresponding blockage or even the advantages of an open sacral chakra.

Today's star constellations - There's a lot going on in the sky

Star constellationsWell, apart from the activation of our sacral chakra, countless star constellations also have an influence on us today. The day could start quite stormy, as a square between the Moon and Pluto came into effect at 00:53 that night. In this context, a square is always a tough aspect of tension and can therefore bring with it all sorts of complications. This square could trigger an emotional life and severe inhibitions in us, just as depression, self-indulgence and self-indulgence of a lower kind could also be the result. At 12:12 p.m. an opposition, i.e. another aspect of tension between the Moon and Mars, took effect again, which meant that we could become more argumentative overall and, at the same time, also show a wasteful streak in money matters. Emotional repression, moodiness, but also passion could also be the result. At 13:16 p.m. a conjunction between the Moon and Uranus became active, which can trigger a certain imbalance in us since then. Unreasonable beliefs and strange habits can also result. Nevertheless, this constellation can also be responsible for romantic love affairs, which in turn make themselves felt in our lives. From 17:49 p.m. a trine between the Moon and Saturn will reach us. This first harmonious connection of the day can make us responsible, dutiful and very careful. In this way, goals that have been set can then be pursued with a certain degree of care and the circumstance could even arise that we are offered a position of trust of whatever kind. From 19:36 p.m. the Moon also forms a trine with Mercury, which can give us great learning ability, a good mind, quick wit, talent for languages ​​and good judgment.

Due to the large number of star constellations taking effect today, there could definitely be some mood swings today. This circumstance is then reinforced by the energetic influences, which in turn activate our sacral chakra..!!

Our intellectual abilities are just as strong. Independent + practical thinking and an openness to new things could then also be the result. Last but not least, the moon changes to the zodiac sign Taurus at 21:38 p.m., which will then support us in our plans to preserve or even increase money and possessions. But security, boundaries and sticking to what we are used to are just as important to us. Apart from that, this connection will allow us to focus more on our family and our home again and the enjoyment in all areas will be in the foreground. In conclusion, it must be noted that a lot of connections are taking effect today, at the beginning they are of a more negative nature, but towards the end we also reach some positive constellations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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