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Today's daily energy on May 30, 2018 is mainly shaped by the strong influences of the seventh portal day, which is why a very intense daily circumstance still prevails. This also affects our own state of being as well as our intuitive ones Skills in the foreground. Due to a lunar connection (Moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius), an urge for higher knowledge could also be very strong.

Today's constellations

daily energyMercury moves into the zodiac sign Gemini
[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i”] Sharp mind & variety
[wp-svg-icons icon=”wand” wrap=”i”] A special connection
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Became active at 01:48

When Mercury is in Gemini, we have an exceptionally bright and sharp mind. Our intellectual gifts are much more developed and a flair for languages ​​and thrift are encouraged. If necessary, we now prefer to read more than usual, want to go on a trip and are particularly witty. Mercury in Gemini also encourages our curiosity and openness to everything new. We could do with a change from everyday life.

daily energy

Moon (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)
[wp-svg-icons icon="loop" wrap="i"] Angular relationship 90°
[wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”] Disharmonic nature
[wp-svg-icons icon="clock" wrap="i"] Became active at 08:25

The square between Moon and Neptune, which became active again at 08:25 a.m., can trigger in us a dreamy disposition, a passive attitude, a tendency to self-deception and a feeling of hypersensitivity, at least when we resonate with the influences. We could also get lost in wishful thinking and ignore active action.

daily energyGeomagnetic Storm Intensity (K Index)

The planetary K-index, or the extent of geomagnetic activity and storms, is rather minor today.

Current Schumann resonance frequency

In contrast to May 26th and 27th, i.e. in contrast to the third and fourth portal days, when a real energetic storm reached us, things have been a little quieter again for the last 2-3 days and are reaching us in terms of the planetary resonance frequency hardly any influences.

Influences Schumann resonance

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Today's daily energetic influences are mainly shaped by the portal daily influences and the two different constellations. Overall, we could therefore have a very bright or sharp mind. On the other hand, things could also be a little more disharmonious, at least if we get involved with the influences of the Moon/Neptune “square”. Overall it will be, at least in all likelihood, a very intense day.

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Intensity of geomagnetic storms Source: https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/planetary-k-index
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