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With today's daily energy on June 30, 2022, we are experiencing the last day of June, i.e. the end of the month of femininity. Today also represents a portal day, which means that June ends with a powerful portal and July also begins with an extremely special energy quality. After all, the energies still work in this regard of yesterday's new moon in the water sign Cancer (aftermath). And as already within the yesterday's daily energy article described, this new moon gave us an extremely potent mixture of energy, which in turn spoke to our emotional level in depth.

Transition to July

Transition to JulyAnd at the same time, the new moon also formed a very strong but also healing conjunction to Lilith (our primal femininity, shadow issues and deep emotional clarification). Added to this was the sun, which is also currently in the zodiac sign of Cancer and thus massively potentiated the entire energy mixture. For this reason, yesterday was able to appeal to us very strongly from a purely energetic point of view. For example, I felt like I was knocked out internally, which was expressed primarily in the fact that I was not only allowed to look at old emotional patterns, but also generally found it very difficult to be in the flow. Rather, my entire system told me that I should start the day calmly instead of rushing into creative processes like I had in the previous days, although deep meditation is of course also a creative process. Well, the energy quality was extremely potent, had a profound effect on our emotional body and is now leading us into July in this regard. Today's powerful portal that can definitely clear veils around our own minds (Typical for the portal day – our connection to upper spheres, i.e. to the high self = high spiritual state/high image of yourself) ushers in the month of abundance. In this context, we are leaving an energetically very demanding month and will enter the second month of summer.

The month of abundance

daily energyUltimately, the month of July is completely associated with sun, growth, joy, with the development of various fruits/berries and, above all, with an overarching energy of “exploiting”. Of course, since the summer solstice the days have been getting shorter again, which means we are moving towards the opposite situation, but this process happens slowly in stages and only really becomes noticeable at the beginning of September. Until then, July wants to let us enjoy life to the fullest and, above all, reap the fruits of our work. The natural energy of maximum abundance reaches us and challenges us to join in with this basic natural law. At our core, we are all entitled to the greatest possible abundance and joy. And at the end of the day, a state of complete inner abundance is closely linked to the manifestation of our highest divine/holy state. We can therefore make the most of July to recognize our true inner being. We ourselves are the source and have infinite potential. When we again recognize our gigantic worth and live fully according to it, then we can only attract corresponding holy circumstances that in turn confirm our inner worth. This is exactly how the law of resonance works. On the outside we will always attract circumstances that confirm our current state of being. If you are satisfied, then you will attract circumstances that, on the one hand, confirm that you are satisfied and, on the other hand, give you even more reason to be satisfied. Well then, let us enjoy the last day of June and look forward to the transition into the month of maximum abundance. It's going to be special. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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