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Today's daily energy on June 30, 2019 is marked off Gemini by the final June energy. In this context, June was also a very special month, actually a month in which not only many special states of consciousness could be expanded on our part, but we could also harvest some fruits of our "doing".

Transition to July

Transition to JulyOn the other hand, strong "energy peaks" reached us again and again and the prevailing energy was able to completely realign us internally. Basically, therefore, it was a month that could lead us back into abundance, a month that could make us feel sensations of abundance very strongly. The energy was designed 1:1 for this and even if there was of course still a lot of transformation and purification, even if shadows could still be experienced, the month was still accompanied by a lot of healing. Basically, today also marks the transition to maximum abundance or to very strong states of abundance (when we open ourselves to it and are ready to act, to receive), because summer stands for maximum fullness (everything has blossomed, fruits are thriving, are ripening and together with the increased temperatures, the warmth and the sun we can perceive an incredible healing within us and at the end of the day healing is abundance again) and whoever opens himself up to nature or the natural cycles and adjusts himself to it inwardly will also let the corresponding fullness, related to all circumstances of life, manifest in his own reality, it can't be any other way, it is then inevitable. In itself it is even generally inevitable, because due to the transformation work we have done, due to the very strong prevailing basic frequency and above all due to very special 5D structures that have been reactivated or installed since the summer solstice, we are going deeper into the Fill in.

When you are inspired by a lofty purpose, by an extraordinary project, your thinking breaks free, your mind transcends boundaries, your consciousness expands in all directions, and you find yourself in a new, great, wonderful world. Dormant powers, abilities and talents are awakened and you discover that you are a far greater person than you ever dared to dream. – Patanjali..!!

And all those of us who still refuse or even experience deficiencies will be catapulted into new states, especially in this month, because the new calls, new structures based on abundance want to be created, which is why corresponding shadow experiences only present us eyes that we should purify them to the manifestation of our abundance self. Well then, ultimately we can look forward to the coming month of July. I myself also feel very strongly that the coming summer month will break all boundaries, not only in terms of intensity or even collective development, but also in terms of abundance. We will make the highest imaginations come true. Especially in combination with the extremely accelerated manifestation potential, everything becomes possible within a very short time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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