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portal day

Today's daily energy is mainly characterized by more intense influences, because it is once again a portal day, to be precise it is the last portal day of this month. For this reason, the day as a whole could be perceived as more intense than usual may promote a development of our own sensitive abilities or it often happens that on corresponding days we have a significantly more pronounced sensitivity, which can be noticeable in countless areas of life.

Moon changed to the zodiac sign Pisces in the morning

Moon changed to the zodiac sign Pisces in the morningUltimately, in keeping with the portal day, stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency could also reach us. Of course, that doesn't have to be the case. The last few weeks in particular have taught us that there do not have to be strong influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency on portal days, but yesterday, as you can see in the picture below, we received stronger impulses that definitely have an influence could affect the earth's magnetic field (shocks). portal daySo things could be a little stormier than usual today, even if I don't want to go too far out on a limb on this point (the values ​​have been very difficult to estimate lately). Well, apart from these influences, the moon changed to the zodiac sign Pisces in the morning, i.e. at 01:27 a.m. For this reason, we are now receiving influences that could cause us to be in a very dreamy mood and, as a result, focus our attention on our own dreams or increasingly on certain thoughts. We could even lose ourselves in thought, which is why the world around us can literally begin to “disappear”. On days when the moon is in the zodiac sign Pisces, it can happen that you devote more time to your own soul and thoughts (losing yourself in the state of being), or rather to your own world/reality as a whole. On the other hand, “Pisces moons” can make us very emotional and trigger increased compassion in us. Our empathic abilities are therefore enhanced, which means that we can not only empathize with other people's lives much better, but we also act more sensitively and are more compassionate. Judgments may be nipped in the bud and our mental qualities come to the fore.

Life is nothing more than an opportunity to let love blossom. – Osho..!!

Due to the “Pisces Moon”, our intuition is now also in the foreground, which is why we evaluate circumstances or everyday situations in general, not just purely analytically. Instead of acting primarily from our male/mind-oriented parts, our own heart intelligence is now developed and we trust more in our inner voice. Apart from this, two different lunar constellations also come into effect. A sextile between the “Pisces Moon” and Uranus came into effect at 06:32 a.m., which stands for great attentiveness, persuasiveness, ambition, an original spirit, determination and ingenuity. At 08:47 a.m. the Moon forms a sextile with Saturn, which increases our sense of responsibility and organizational skills. Due to this constellation, goals could also be pursued with care and consideration. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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