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Today's daily energy on January 30, 2021 is not only directly related to the energetically very strong influences of the past few days (especially related to the full moon in the zodiac sign Leo), but also gives us the beginning of the closing or the last January influences. So, slowly but surely, we are heading towards February and becoming a new one in the process Experience a month that will intensify the entire spectacle on our planet and possibly even raise it to a new level. If we look back 1 year in this context, then we see a phase in which major upheavals began in the world due to the “pandemic” (an “induced crisis” that, at its deepest core, ultimately only served and of course continues to serve the awakening/ascension of the collective – the activation of the divine connection of human civilization).

Your attention creates worlds, so choose wisely

It was also the first year of the golden decade, i.e. the golden decade in which the world was completely transformed into a liberated and, above all, golden existence. All the coming years will therefore present us with circumstances at top speed that will mark the disintegration of the old 3D matrix and, above all, the rise of a new 5D world. And this year things will be similar to last year, i.e. the circumstances that took place exactly a year ago and that not only triggered a major anomaly within the illusory system, but were also hardly tangible for many (Never before have we seen the world fall apart like this), that's exactly how things will happen now, exactly one year later, which will firstly be much more violent and secondly even more stormy. Ultimately it can't be any other way and it has to happen. On the one hand, the now very large number of awake people is forcing the world into ascension and is therefore triggering corresponding events on a collective level, but on the other hand, there are still people who are in no way aware of all these things, or are not yet aware of them have not experienced any awakening and for this reason need even stronger external triggers in order to recognize their spiritual smallness (or rather, your self-imposed spiritual limitations, because ultimately you yourself - as the creator - are always primarily responsible). The coming month of February (just like March) will therefore have it all and will pull the world even further into awakening. And at the same time, we will also take even more profound development steps. In particular, shifting our own attention to our personal flourishing, that is, to the development of our own divinity, will be even more inspired and will also become even more important.

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In this regard, I also pointed out in my last video that the system mainly lives from our own energy, i.e. that we maintain the structures of the system through our focus (I also gave an example of this in my Telegram channel). As I said, as creators we create and shape the world. What we focus on across the board bears fruit, thrives and comes to life. A new world can therefore only emerge if we focus precisely on such a world. Through a strong basic trust, a harmonious basic orientation and, above all, turning one's own gaze away from the apparent system, the system collapses like a house of cards. We all have the power to do this in our minds. In keeping with this, I would like to quote a short text from the Telegram channel “Behind the Scenes”, which describes the whole thing extremely aptly:

“Those who have built this over thousands of years have created a system to focus all of our energies (everything is energy, energy follows attention). This so-called Deep State is the entire system here. If these energies become unbalanced (the attention slowly turns away from the system), the stage is adjusted accordingly so that the energies remain in the system of the architects and do not escape, otherwise you will lose control over the energies and that will happen In your opinion, it won't happen, because then the game of distraction and materialism will be over. The world stage will soon be converted into this and most people will continue to sit as spectators, deceived, and look excitedly at new actors in a new cage.”

In this sense, we can fully develop the potential for change at any time. And this happens especially when we begin to heal the image of ourselves again. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    • Friederike 3. February 2021, 21: 47

      So great, I will remind myself of that again and again

    Friederike 3. February 2021, 21: 47

    So great, I will remind myself of that again and again