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Today's daily energy on January 30, 2020 is, on the one hand, shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Aries (The change took place yesterday at 12:52 p.m) which means an openness to new living conditions, along with a vibrant inner world, is strongly favored and on the other hand by the final energies of January.

The last two days of January

The last two days of JanuaryIn this context, we are in the last two days of the first month of the golden decade and the extremely fast-paced and intense first month is coming to an end. In that regard, January also flew by. Admittedly, we have been experiencing this acceleration of the current quality of time, or rather the feeling as if time is racing and that days, weeks and months go by much faster, for several years. But the last few months of 2019 in particular have massively increased this feeling of acceleration. In January the days went by much, much faster and it's hard to believe that the first month is almost over. Christmas and New Year's Eve are just over, but it feels like those days were a long time ago. This circumstance is simply related to the further development of the collective spirit. The awakening of humanity has now reached an unprecedented pace and not a day goes by without more people looking behind the curtains of life, seeing through the system and, above all, feeling their own creative power again and consciously using it to shape a more high-frequency life. The light on our planet is becoming ever stronger and because of this, i.e. as a result, our own mind/body/soul system is vibrating higher (your own light body rotates faster/accelerates), we experience our daily circumstances much more quickly. Ultimately, the acceleration will continue to increase and before we know it, we will find ourselves in the invigorating mood of spring and then also experience how quickly the months have gone by.

The manifestation of a higher reality, favored by the associated rooting of a high self-image - because our world is formed from the image that we in turn have of ourselves - simply gives us the feeling that everything is happening much faster and that has the consequences of our own thoughts/ideas that we pursue during the day can be experienced much more quickly. There is simply a comprehensive return to light, i.e. a manifestation of high-frequency/awake states, of light energies - whereby heaviness, slowing down, constriction and shadows are increasingly dissolved..!! 

Well, the last days of January bring us very special energies beyond these feelings and herald the beginning of February, a month that will be entirely about our own self-realization. In January everything came down to this and the manifestation of our highest divine spirit (see the last daily energy articles), i.e. the experience of our own creator existence, simply goes hand in hand with the manifestation of the highest feelings and life circumstances. We will therefore now experience ever greater adaptation and live out our highest calling even more fully. The time for action, light and ascension is here. With that in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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