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Today's daily energy on December 30, 2019 is mainly shaped by the transition energies into the golden decade, which is why we can still experience a very strong rootedness in our highest divine spirit and therefore perfect are prepared for the coming golden decade (in which we let our inner light, i.e. a high/light image of ourselves, come to life).

Strong anomaly in planetary resonance frequency

Portal voltage and planetary resonance frequencyWe no longer act out of a lower self-image, but rather we allow the highest tangible reality of our self to come to life (to revive the highest idea of ​​ourselves, as creators ourselves, instead of making ourselves small and pursuing a small idea of ​​the world/of ourselves). Ultimately, this means we start the coming decade full of self-confidence and creativity. We have shed all our limitations and our self-imposed lower self delusion (of the lower “I am”), of supposedly insignificant being, of small existence (since we ourselves thought we were small - we recognized this image of ourselves as truth, since we could not feel the divinity within ourselves), ends and can allow the associated limitlessness to enter our lives. If we are all that is, what are we and what can we not do? At the end of the day, there is nothing that we cannot achieve ourselves. Rests in all of us, thanks to the creative spirit within us that can be revived (which is often described as the light or divine spark in all people, it is a creator's highest idea of ​​himself, but which has not yet been recognized by many creators/people), a huge potential, almost unfathomable powers that can be developed when we master our own existence and understand that we ourselves are the creative authority, that everything in existence has arisen from within ourselves (the entire existence represents only our idea of ​​the entire existence - it is an image of existence/ourselves that we have chosen/that we have accepted as truth/that we have created as creators - what reality, i.e. which image you create/bring to life of the world, whether a small image or even a high/divine image - “I am God” depends on you). Well, the entry into the highest spirit of God will significantly shape the coming decade and we will therefore experience INCREDIBLE things friends. Believe me, the coming decade will change everything, completely. From the shadow of the old, a new world will rise, CREATE by ourselves, by becoming aware of who we ourselves are and subsequently allowing a new world/reality to become reality within ourselves.

Strong anomaly in planetary resonance frequency

Today, like tomorrow's final day of this decade, will once again bring with it enormous energy and sort out countless images of our old reality. These are the last days of the Old One (of the old self-image). And fittingly, yesterday we also received a huge anomaly regarding the planetary resonance frequency. As a result, an incredibly strong energy reached us for twelve or thirteen hours, which underlines the current transitional mood. We can therefore be curious to see how distant the coming last days of this decade will feel and, above all, what impulses and insights will still reach us. It remains impressive. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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