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Today's daily energy on August 30, 2019 is mainly shaped by the moon, to be precise by a unique new moon in the zodiac sign Virgo (Moon changed to that at 01:57 a.m. that night Virgo zodiac sign – at 12:38 p.m. the “new moon” again reaches its full form), which is why we are facing an extremely transformative and, above all, renewing circumstance.

Unique & transformative new moon

Unique & transformative new moonIn this context, this new moon is accompanied by very special cosmic events. On the one hand, this new moon is referred to as a so-called “supermoon” because the moon reaches its closest point to the Earth today. For this reason, or because of its proximity to the earth, the influences of the new moon have a much stronger effect on us, yes, the influence is even immense and has already been noticeable in this regard in the past few days. The lunar influences are significantly more manifest and flow completely into our entire mind/body/spirit system - the difference is serious and in no way comparable to a “conventional” new moon. On the other hand, one also speaks of a black moon. This basically means a second new moon within a month (With a full moon one would again speak of a blue moon). A black moon is said to have a very special magic. So its energy is not only intensified, but also potentiated and can allow us to completely realign ourselves (and on a huge scale). Well, due to these circumstances, a new moon reaches us with an incredible energetic influence, as strong as is rarely the case. For this reason, the new moon will catapult us into completely new states. Internal conflicts can not only be made clear to us, but can also be resolved.

Today's new moon will reveal unimagined and, above all, deep-seated potential within ourselves. The extent is enormous and can therefore be accompanied by a lot of clarification and self-reflection..!! 

The moon is therefore very much about freedom and realignment (What I had already felt yesterday, I resolved a conflict that had been looming within me for a long time, - it was only in the evening that I realized that a very special new moon was approaching us, - apart from my own creation of reality, the connection is clear, - good, Everything in existence, i.e. every circumstance, even becoming aware of the new moon event, is a product of one's own mind - everything that comes into our perception holds a deep meaning + connection).

Cosmic turning point

New moon in Virgo At the end of the day, this new moon also marks the highlight of the month, and even the highlight of the entire year so far, and is subsequently accompanied by a very special cosmic turning point. This moon takes us into a completely new quality of time, especially as it flushes out countless old burdens and conflicts from us. This creates significantly more space in the collective consciousness for new programming (5D or high frequency – circumstances based on freedom, harmony, love, wisdom and abundance) and the collective spiritual awakening takes on even greater proportions. Ultimately, this development is so noticeable that it is simply unbelievable. It feels like all the potential hidden within us is released and we swing into a completely new reality. Clarification, inner freedom, wisdom, self-love, inner strength, abundance & vitality, all these sensations - bundled in an extremely clear state of consciousness, can be created + experienced by every person. The time for this clarity is increasingly coming to the fore and has become an inevitable consequence of the current change. We are all drawn into a corresponding state of consciousness, whether we still evade it or not. The associated ascension is inevitable and is becoming more and more evident. A cosmic change is therefore in full swing and is taking place these days. And a lot of people are feeling this change. Countless exciting circumstances allow us to feel this turning point. Whether it is a sharpening of our senses, a significantly more pronounced sensitivity, an increase in our life energy, an unexpected clarification within our mind, the manifestation of completely new habits and information, the ending of long-standing conflicts or even the perception of an extremely mystical mood, - that Sensing the turning point, whether consciously or unconsciously, is present in the perception of many people. Well, finally, I would like to add a section from the page about this highly transformative new moon danielahutter.com quote, in which the new moon and especially the associated Virgo aspect is taken up:

“Towards the new moon, the day of the new moon, the moon reaches its minimum brightness. From this “viewpoint,” the human eye temporarily does not perceive the moon. But the moon still IS, in all its power, this time bundled in the energies of Virgo, embedded in a planetary field of time quality that once again reminds you of your life plan. The quality of the Virgin is definitely that of “becoming whole” – that of SELF – that is what we need to reflect on these days. The energetic image of healing is that of a circle. The circle wants to close, things want to become more rounded. Finally.

Once more. So in your everyday life, your life, your emotions, the themes that your soul has brought with you will show up in this life and you will remember where the status quo stagnates and calls for change. Again and again. And in the circle lies the end and the beginning. The current quality of time gives us a cosmic tailwind - an excellent time to plan new projects. The Virgin is the holy sign. Healing (un)bringing. Because the circle wants to close. The three levels of body, mind and soul want to be woven into your life and thus serve as a holistic approach to everything.

So look at your concerns with a seeing eye: body, mind and soul - are they present in a balanced way? What do you need more of? The quality of the Virgin is that she knows how to “separate the wheat from the chaff” with prudence, foresight, caution. The lunar quality is that we approach this from an emotional level. Therein lies the gift. What a yin dance.”

With this in mind, friends, enjoy today's new moon day and, above all, be careful + vigilant. Unbelievable circumstances/conditions/impulses can reach us. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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    • Susa 30. August 2019, 12: 18

      So great…

    Susa 30. August 2019, 12: 18

    So great…