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solar eclipse

Today's daily energy on April 30, 2022 will be shaped by various highly magical events, which in turn will have a very special influence on our entire energy system. In this context, late in the evening, at 22:31 p.m. to be precise, a new moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Taurus, which in turn is accompanied by a partial solar eclipse (which unfortunately is not visible in our Central European countries). This gives us a very profound energy quality, which will have a transformative influence on our own minds. It is not for nothing that solar and lunar eclipses in particular are said to have the potential to address deep fears or primal shadows on our part so that we can heal them. Our mind is illuminated in depth and receives very valuable coding.

The partial solar eclipse

The partial solar eclipse

In this context, one also speaks of a partial solar eclipse when the umbra of the Moon misses the Earth and as a result only the penumbra falls on the Earth's surface. And this happens when the moon positions itself between the sun and the earth, but only covers part of the sun (For example, in a total solar eclipse the sun would be completely darkened). Well, this special shift or inherently synchronous alignment speaks to each of us in a powerful way, i.e. our deepest conflicts and, above all, most important issues can now experience a strong resolution or even illumination. As I said, this potential has been attributed to darkness for countless times, so there is an ancient magic or magic inherent in the whole thing. For this reason, during such a phase we can receive groundbreaking impulses through which we can align our path in life towards harmony. The earth, moon and sun are in a synchronous line (at least not 100% complete due to the partial darkening), which shows us the manifestation of a state based on balance. Ultimately, today is associated with a very powerful energy quality that can release a lot of dark things in our system.

Black moon

Partial Solar EclipseOn the other hand, we must not forget that the solar eclipse is of course accompanied by a new moon. This new moon has a particularly strong intensity because it is a so-called black moon. We speak of a black moon when two new moons reach us within a month. The second new moon is therefore given a particularly supporting energy quality. In this way, its quality of newness is strengthened and we can receive an additional special impetus to be able to manifest or revive new beginnings. Appropriately, the new moon is also in the zodiac sign Taurus. Above all, Taurus stands for our sociability, stays in familiar surroundings, for the connection to our family and, above all, Taurus speaks to our entrenched habits and inner programs like no other zodiac sign. The Taurus New Moon therefore wants us to let go of our inner blocking perspectives and break out of stuck routines. Well, last but not least, it should be said that today also represents Walpurgis Night. This ancient festival used to mark the transition from winter to summer (celticgarden.de):

“Winter will now go and the earth will get warmer again. With May, spring comes across the country and for the Celts, who celebrated the Beltane lunar festival at the same time, it was even the beginning of summer. For other peoples the beginning of the year. The Celtic annual festival of Beltane is one of the four moon festivals.”

On Walpurgis Night, Walpurgis was remembered, a protector of crops who, according to official history, spread Christianity in the Middle Ages and was/is considered a saint. The day after, i.e. the first of May, served again to drive away the dark:

“Large fires have always been lit on this night, the May Fires. These May bonfires drive away all evil, including the cold days. When these fires burn down late at night, lovers jump over the glowing coals. In general, these fires are intended to make people, livestock and food healthy and fruitful.”

Well, today's solar eclipse day, the black new moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, Walpurgis Night and, above all, the beginning of May XNUMXst tomorrow, you can already really feel what particularly strong energies are reaching us. It will be highly magical. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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