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Today's daily energy on April 30, 2019 is mainly characterized by very strong energies, because yesterday we received strong energies almost continuously in terms of the planetary resonance frequency, it was up and down (The corresponding picture follows below). For this reason, we can strongly assume that strong planetary resonance frequency influences will also reach us today.

Incredibly fast manifestation potential

In this context, the current days are still very much about purification, transformation, self-discovery and self-realization, basically even more so than ever before. We can still be confronted with countless blockages and unfulfilled ideas on our part (small, destructive, dependency-based ideas or even ideas/wishes that have been wanting to be realized on our part for a long time, but which we have always denied ourselves due to a lack of implementation - working on ourselves - self-overcoming) and as a result more and more of the corresponding internal conflicts (heavy energies) let go. At the end of the day, we allow much more space for high-frequency/light energies/states to manifest and are much more able to revive our true being, based on abundance, wisdom and love. The current days, accompanied by the extremely strong energies, are taking us once again into 5D or into new high-frequency structures and enable us to take an enormous quantum leap into awakening (USE THIS/YOUR POTENTIAL).Planetary resonance frequency Everything is favored, just as an incredibly rapid manifestation potential prevails (everything seems to be moving/manifesting faster and faster - our perception of time is completely different - everything passes much faster and, as already mentioned a few weeks ago, is heading towards a feeling of complete presence - living within current structures - in the now). Even today we can achieve an incredible amount and once again, with the help of our own spiritual powers and, above all, the resulting self-overcoming, we can make all of our ideas manifest. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 

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