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Today's daily energy on September 29, 2019 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Libra. In this context, this new moon was also incredible, clarifying and, above all, in harmony bringing energetic influences. In this regard, as has often been mentioned in the past daily energy articles, the focus was on the relationship with ourselves.

The lingering new moon influences

The Libra aspect could make us feel our inner connection very strongly and consequently show us to what extent we are not in harmony with ourselves (which in turn allows circumstances to become manifest on the outside, which in turn are based on this lack of harmony - like within, so without). On the other hand, he was also able to let us sense the opposite, i.e. the circumstances/conditions on our part, which are again in harmony. At the end of the day, hardly any other zodiac sign stands for interpersonal relationships or the relationship with ourselves as much as Libra does. In exactly the same way, it also perfectly embodies the universal principle of harmony and balance - a law that, on the one hand, simply states that everything in existence strives for balanced and harmonious states. (something that can be seen on all levels of existence, in all structures - this is where the next law follows, namely the universal principle of correspondence: As within, so without, as within, so within, - As above, so below, As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm - EVERYTHING IS ONE - Our entire existence is therefore a perfectly coordinated/harmonious basic structure).

Everything is one and one is everything. You yourself are a drop in the ocean & also an ocean, which in turn carries all the drops within you. You yourself are everything, surrounded by everything and the creator of all things, - the original source itself, - everything on the outside/inside, everything that you can see, truly everything is ultimately only one thing, your own imagination - perception - spirit. Even this article, read by you on a screen, ultimately represents energy (your energy – you experience the article within yourself), your mind projects into the outside, a circumstance, i.e. reading the article, created by yourself (We therefore create everything for ourselves). What if it weren't for you? Nothing? But that is not the case, because you exist and will exist forever and never not be - because even the idea of ​​not being, for example of a nothingness that one would enter at some point, would again only be one thing, the idea of ​​one supposed nothingness, i.e. it would be imagination – spirit. This is where the next law comes into play, namely the following: Everything is spiritual in nature..!!

Well, parallel to these special influences, even stronger solar winds reached us (see top picture), which massively increased the associated influences. Yesterday's new moon day was therefore a very special event and led us once again deeper into our own true selves. In some cases there was even talk of an extremely important event, which in turn contained a completion or the concentrated energies of the past few days within this month. Today we are experiencing the lingering influences of yesterday's new moon, combined with the beginning influences of the final month. We therefore have special hours and influences ahead of us. With this in mind, dear ones, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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