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Today's daily energy on October 29, 2019 is, on the one hand, shaped by the influences of the fourth portal day (The gates to completely new states of consciousness are therefore still open - pure transformation) and on the other hand from the after-effects Influences of yesterday's new moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio (became manifest yesterday at 04:44 am – special time – numerology). In this context, I also have to admit that yesterday's new moon day completely passed me by.

The gates are still open

Of course, this doesn't refer to the influences that came with it, because they were clearly noticeable, i.e. I had a very special mood in me throughout yesterday, sometimes this mood was very harmonious, but ultimately also very transformative and self-reflective. The transition to new structures was also very present in this context and so I was once again confronted with an old pattern of mine, a pattern that has been affecting me in this regard for years (through which I repeatedly allow my energy field to be affected) and especially wanted to be cleaned up yesterday. Although the circumstance could be perceived as stressful (and that would always have been the case in the past), but I accepted the whole thing with gratitude and felt a strong harmony or harmony within me that is difficult to describe. Well, the new moon still passed me by. So it wasn't until yesterday evening that I realized that today was a new moon day, which surprised me for a brief moment, because the coming new moon had been present in my mind all the days before, totally crazy. In the end, that's exactly how it should be, the same also applies to the lack of mention in yesterday's daily energy article (Everything always has a meaning - everything should be exactly the way it is - at the moment - NOW - everything is perfect). Well, in keeping with the cleansing new moon energies, I was also given two exciting circumstances. So I already did it the day before yesterday, very late in the evening (around 22:00 p.m. - i.e. shortly before the new moon) harvested a root in the forest.

violent shifts

In keeping with yesterday's new moon, the planetary resonance frequency went completely crazy and showed countless strong increases. In this context, these influences also represent the exact opposite of the recent long-lasting black shift. A cleansing energy quality at its finest. During the Black Shift period, important 5D programs were installed in the background and now, as a result, we are being drawn into 5D circumstances. The suction force is now enormous!!!!

It was dark and completely intuitively this harvest happened again after weeks (I was planning to do this again after weeks and in the darkness the root was given to me - i.e. I harvested a garlic mustard - which are generally very gently anchored in the ground - and I simply pulled the root out with it - when I let it go and it was no longer present in my mind, the circumstance was given to me again). The special thing about this is that roots in particular represent our own root chakra and are therefore associated with stability, grounding, calm, balance and consolidation. On the other hand, I have been taking borax in the evening for the past two days (thank you for that Peter), which is extremely cleansing and also strongly decalcifies our pineal gland (Since then, the dreams have been very violent). At the end of the day, it showed me again how perfect the current interaction on our planet is and how everything comes to us at exactly the right time. Our own origin and, as a result, the entire existence (our existence – you yourself are everything) is a coherent, highly intelligent and absolutely coordinated network and nothing, truly nothing, happens by chance. The same therefore also applies to the current highly explosive phase in which we are being washed through and purified to such an extent (That's exactly how it should be & incidentally reflects our intensive cleaning). Dear ones, the current days are incredibly valuable and today's portal day will also be something special and will also reveal a completely new world to us. So let’s ride the wave and open ourselves up to the new. Everything is possible and can be experienced. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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