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Today's daily energy on October 29, 2017 is characterized by a waxing moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which is why our own emotions are again in the foreground today. This can also be expressed in a variety of ways. In this way we can be confronted again with feelings that are deeply anchored in our own subconscious. So then emotions would be released, which we may have been undermining or even suppressing for a long time.

Special emotional circumstance

Emotional circumstance

In this context, a person's subconscious is also full of emotional inconsistencies, long-term thought processes and is generally full of programming, a lot of which is negative in nature. This is what happens in the current Age of Aquarius, which is also accompanied by a quantum leap into awakening (transformation process most likely by 2025 - 2026). simply repeatedly releasing unresolved emotions and thoughts that are deeply anchored in our own subconscious so that they can be cleaned up again. In particular, today's star constellation could transport our own emotional inconsistencies back into our daily consciousness, could be responsible for us looking at them and telling our friends or even our family about them. Ultimately, this is also related to a sextile between the moon and Pluto (a sextile refers to 2 celestial bodies that in turn have an angle of 60 degrees to each other in the sky||sextile = harmonious nature), a circumstance that can simply make us more sentimental overall . On the other hand, the waxing moon in the zodiac sign Pisces also makes us sensitive + dreamy, which is simply noticeable in a strong imagination + a dreamy mental orientation.

Due to the planetary movements through all zodiac signs and houses/fields, certain angular relationships form with each other. These relationships are called “aspects” and bring with them all sorts of different effects..!!

Due to the trine of the Moon and Venus (a trine refers to 2 celestial bodies, which in turn form an angle of 120 degrees to each other in the sky||Trine = harmonious nature) we can also feel a stronger feeling of love today and may be more accommodating and feel From a mental point of view, we are more harmonious and our overall mood is happier, which ultimately means that we are more likely to avoid arguments. Ultimately, all of these aspects are reinforced by a very intense energetic circumstance. We humans have been experiencing a very high energetic situation for several weeks, which continues to bring daily increases despite the end of the portal day series. These vibration frequency technical increases also have a huge influence on our own psyche and can definitely increase the effects of star constellations. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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