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Today's daily energy on November 29, 2017 stands for our own appreciation, our self-acceptance and, above all, the importance of all the experiences we gain in life. At the end of the day, all the experiences we have are important for our own mental and emotional development and in this context they always reflect our own parts, speak our own soul life again.

A mirror of our lives

A mirror of our livesIn this regard, I have often mentioned that a person's entire life, or rather the entire external perceivable world, is ultimately a mental projection of our own state of consciousness. For this reason, the external world always acts like a mirror that reflects our own parts back to us. Every encounter, whether with people, animals or even nature, has a corresponding reason and shows us parts of our own mental life, has a specific meaning and can even show us our own shadows and inconsistencies. Ultimately, all situations trigger feelings in us that, if they are of a negative nature, show us our lack of self-love or our own imbalance. So we shouldn't complain about conflict situations, but rather see them as signs and become aware that it's time to bring our lives back into balance. All experiences are therefore important parts of our lives, make us the person we are today and are also responsible for our completely individual and unique history. Aside from the reflection of our own parts and the associated appreciation that we should show our experiences, today's daily energy is also accompanied by a moon in the zodiac sign Aries, which has been effective for two and a half days since yesterday evening. The Aries Moon can give us a real boost of energy and, due to the ended/cancelled effect between Saturn and Mercury, also give us a clear mind and assertiveness.

Due to today's daily energy, we should focus on our own success in life and use the positive effects of the Aries Moon to our advantage..!!

On the other hand, a trine between the Sun and the Aries Moon has also been affecting us since 06:21, a special constellation that can give us happiness in general, life success, health well-being, vitality, harmony with parents and family (trine = angular relationship 120 degrees | harmonic aspect). Towards the evening, an opposition between the Moon and Mars will also take effect, which could make us briefly excited, argumentative or even act prematurely (opposition = tension aspect||180°). There could also be disagreements with the opposite sex. There aren't many more constellations reaching us today, which is why there is very little going on in the starry sky compared to yesterday. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/November/29

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