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Today the time has come and we are experiencing the last day of the ten-day portal day phase (started on March 20th), which is why the day represents the end of a very informative, but also stormy phase. In this context, in yesterday's daily energy article I already spoke about a transition that this phase brought with it, because it is the transition into a phase of growth, flourishing and blossoming.

The tenth and final portal day

As far as this is concerned, the portal day phase also began to coincide with the astronomical start of spring and now ends exactly 10 days later. During this time you could also clearly see the change towards the beginning of spring. This was particularly evident in nature, because the flora has now changed significantly, i.e. on the one hand there are many more plants/herbs to be found, significantly more plants are beginning to bloom (Flowers develop), other plants, such as stinging nettles, begin to appear, the trees develop leaves, the colors become more intense and significantly more animals, for example hares/rabbits, birds, deer, various insects and the like. can be found, the same also applies to the accompanying soundscape, accompanied by significantly more chirping, rustling and chirping. It's just the beginning of spring, which will now become fully manifest, especially in the next few days and weeks (within these ten days a transitional mood still prevailed). And we can take advantage of this manifestation of spring, yes, even transfer it 1:1 to ourselves. While winter represents a season of introspection, retrospection, reflection and peace (it is colder, contracting, quieter, more leisurely), spring represents a time of growth, flourishing, blossoming and recurring abundance. Ultimately, abundance is also a key word here, because within the overarching process of spiritual awakening, by returning to our true nature, we create This is accompanied by a circumstance that is characterized by significantly more abundance, after all, the entire existence/our existence is based on maximum abundance and not on lack.

In a state of inner connection you are much more attentive and awake than when you are identified with your mind. You are fully present. And the vibration of the energy field that keeps the physical body alive is also increased. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

In the coming period, we should therefore join in with the change in nature and fully exploit the upswing energies. As I said, everything has been coming to a head for months, time seems to be racing, more and more people are awakening and we ourselves can therefore, due to this increase in frequency, move more and more into our perfection (Divinity – God Consciousness) enter. I can really feel how much this will affect us in the coming days/weeks. In this regard, it has never happened in my life that the seasons coincide 1:1 with my living conditions and were also 100% transferable. It is therefore a very special circumstance. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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