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Today's daily energy on June 29, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the Taurus Moon (from 23:08 p.m. Gemini moon – communication/ingenuity/thirst for knowledge) and on the other hand by the still extremely mind-altering quality of energy, which in turn brings with it a deepening of our entire being. We are currently diving deeper and deeper into our innermost structures and are in the process of fully expressing our true nature.

Expressing our true nature

It is not for nothing that an incredible magic currently prevails and it is not for nothing that the awakening process has taken on extremely large proportions. The number of people who, in turn, have started life (her own life), to question their own spiritual origin and above all the system and all associated structures has simply become extremely big, yes, it is even hard to put into words how big everything has become, how many people are now consciously in this process , it's incredible. And everyone contributes to this collective expansion, because the thoughts/feelings of every person flow into the collective, as already mentioned, increase and trigger a chain reaction as a result. As I said, we ourselves are powerful creators and consequently exert a tremendous influence on all of existence. And the more we are aware of this, the stronger our influence. For this reason, the waking up processes will experience a huge upswing in the coming days and weeks, it is unavoidable. Apart from the fact that the current quality of time simply entails it. The prevailing magic is unbelievable and our inner potential is being unfolded more and more.

Love and compassion are the foundations for world peace - on all levels. – Dalai Lama..!!

The month of July will therefore also bring the summer quality, i.e. the maximum abundance and lead us deep into states of abundance, it can't be any other way (a corresponding article will follow). Just as the closing days of June once again go hand in hand with the unfolding of our inner true being. We no longer need to hide, don't put on masks or let fear and lack cloud our consciousness. The time of revelation, unveiling and disclosure (Apocalypse - true meaning - not the end of the world) has come. This revelation not only refers to the revelation of the illusory system, but also to our personal revelation, i.e. the disclosure of our true being, our true nature or, better said, our origin. Today's daily energy will therefore lead us even deeper into our own being and thereby bring healing on all levels of existence. So let's celebrate our origin. Thanks to the warm temperatures (sun = healing) this is also favored again, because the sun, i.e. the embodiment of warmth and light, corresponds completely to our origin. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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