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new moon

new moonWith today's daily energy on June 29, 2022, a very special new moon reaches us (the new moon reached its point at 04:53 a.m. that night or early morning), which is not only in the zodiac sign of Cancer and, above all, in the water energy that goes with it, but which is also accompanied by the sun, which is also currently transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer. This new moon therefore speaks to our sensitive, emotional ones with concentrated power and, above all, the psychological side and has an impact primarily on our personal bonds or our family longings, issues and circumstances. This water new moon can therefore make us extremely emotional and clarify a lot of our energy field in this regard.

NEW MOON in the zodiac sign CANCER

NEW MOON in the zodiac sign CANCER After all, from this point of view, double water energy reaches us. The moon, which generally appeals to our emotional sides and, on the one hand, goes hand in hand with the primal feminine energy, is at the core of our emotional world. The Cancer zodiac sign generally makes us much more sensitive or emotional and wants us to let our emotions out, or rather the water energy flushes tensions, deep-seated/unresolved emotions and heavy energies out of our system. And the water or cancer energy, which has a double effect on us from the sun and moon, also has a very cleansing influence on our energy field. In this regard, new moons represent the manifestation of new circumstances. New paths want to be taken. In exactly this way, tensions and stuck energies should leave our inner space so that we have space for new, even higher-vibrating mental structures. For this reason, the Cancer constellations are perfect because they now act as strong initiators that completely flush our emotional level. Appropriately, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Cancer is the Moon. Our emotional or sensitive sides are therefore truly addressed more strongly than they have been for a long time. Essentially, a powerful cleansing takes place in our emotional body. All deeply rooted and often even repressed emotions are washed to the surface and subsequently leave our inner space. Stresses, tensions and disharmonious emotional structures are completely addressed and want to be cleared up.

Lilith Energy – Black Moon

new moonWell, on the other hand, another force affects us, because the new moon forms a conjunction to Lilith. Lilith itself represents a sensitive energy point (At least that is the assumption of some astrologers, others also speak of a celestial body or space, etc.), which in turn represents our suppressed primal femininity. Lilith or the black moon in particular ensures that heavily suppressed topics and repressed emotions are massively addressed. It's about our inner injuries and deep-seated traumas, which in turn affect countless areas of our lives and are even addressed in depth due to the Lilith connection. Ultimately, at its core, it is also about strong transformation and healing energy that is aimed entirely at our emotional body. Anyone who opens up to this energy and begins to let go of heavy structures instead of holding on to unredeemed patterns can experience a lot of healing through the Lilith connection, otherwise we will be confronted with the effectiveness of Lilith in a direct, sometimes even difficult way. Well, in the end, today is truly designed entirely for the cleansing of our damaged primal patterns, suppressed emotions and, above all, the return of our primal femininity. A strong water energy is reaching us and will definitely bring a lot of clarification. A day of deep healing is upon us. In keeping with this, I would like to refer you again to my latest video, in which we, i.e. Sandra Weber, Marek Pi and I (Yannick Energy) talk about the topic of healing and overcoming boundaries in the current time. With that in mind, have fun with the video. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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