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Today's daily energy on July 29, 2018 is, on the one hand, still influenced by the lingering influences of the full moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius or the total lunar eclipse and, on the other hand, by a single lunar constellation. However, the pure influences of the moon will mainly affect us. The “Aquarius component” in particular stands out here and will finally give us influences until tonight (until 01:27 a.m., after which the moon changes to the zodiac sign Pisces) through which our relationships with friends, brotherhood, social issues and entertainment in general can be in the foreground.

Still strong lunar influences

Still strong lunar influencesOn the other hand, the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius generally represents a certain desire for freedom, independence and personal responsibility. For this reason, today could be an ideal day to work on the manifestation of a responsible approach to our own lives. At the same time, our self-realization and the associated manifestation of a state of consciousness are also in the foreground, from which a freedom-oriented reality emerges. Freedom is actually a big keyword in this context, because on days when the moon is in the zodiac sign Aquarius, we could very much long for a feeling of freedom. In this regard, freedom is also something that, as I have often mentioned in my articles, is very important for our own mind/body/soul. The more we deprive ourselves of our freedom in this regard, the more counterproductive it has on us and our health. It should also be said that freedom is simply a product of our own mind and is usually limited by limits that we impose on ourselves in our own consciousness. Of course, there are exceptions here, i.e. a child who lives in a war zone and therefore experiences almost no freedom can in no way be blamed for the fact that his limited freedom is mainly due to self-imposed limits, although of course the experience of the situation is a product of the spirit, but I think you know what I'm getting at. Well, due to the “Aquarius Moon”, a certain urge for freedom, personal responsibility and independence could be in the foreground.

Only a person full of devotion has spiritual power. Through surrender you become free from the situation internally. Then it can happen that the situation changes completely without your intervention. – Eckhart Tolle..!!

But entertainment and our social connections are still in the foreground. Appropriately, I have done a lot with friends in the last few days, i.e. on the one hand there was a relaxing day at the lake, on the other hand we saw the total lunar eclipse together (which I also have recordings of - will be "edited" in the next video) and on the other hand Yesterday evening there was a long conversation with a good friend (since in the previous weeks I had focused all my attention on work and sport as much as I could, it was a perfect fit). Last but not least, it should be said that, as already mentioned, an opposition between the Moon and Mercury reached us at 11:24 a.m., which overall represents a fairly changeable way of thinking and a certain superficiality and inconstancy. But what will happen at the end of the day or how we will experience the day depends entirely on ourselves and the use of our own mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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