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daily energy

The daily energy today is subject to strong energetic fluctuations overall. The energetic milieu is also clearly stormy in nature and, due to the very changeable behavior, hardly measurable. Alexander Wagandt also made this statement. Due to these very fluctuating energetic influences, we can therefore also prepare ourselves for a day when we are subject to just as much emotional fluctuations. Depending on your own mental and emotional stability, there could also be moments when in which we are confronted with our own mental blocks. On the other hand, things could also be very calm and harmonious.

Strong energetic fluctuations

Strong energetic fluctuationsAt the end of the day, it must also be said at this point that, apart from the energetic influences of the day, our own emotional state or our own well-being always depends on the orientation of our own mind. No matter how intense the current energetic environment may be, no matter how rainy the weather may be, whether we are joyful/happy or even sad/irritable always depends on us. Because of the creative abilities of our own minds, we humans are the designers of our own fate and can choose which thoughts and emotions we legitimize in our own minds. In this context, nothing is left to chance. A supposed coincidence does not exist anyway. Ultimately, coincidence is just a construct of our own lower mind in order to provide an explanation for inexplicable phenomena. However, everything is based on a principle of cause and effect.

There is no supposed coincidence. Everything in existence is based on the principle of cause and effect. A universal law that significantly shapes our own lives..!!

The cause of every effect is always of a spiritual nature as far as that is concerned. Mind is the highest authority in existence. Everything arises from spirit. Here we also like to speak of an intelligent creative spirit, i.e. living beings who create life situations, actions and events using their own state of consciousness. For this reason, we should also keep this principle in mind today. We humans are responsible for our own circumstances and can decide for ourselves whether we get a positive benefit from the daily energy or whether we let it dominate us. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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