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With today's daily energy on December 29, 2022, the lunar cycle begins again, because at 11:40 a.m. the moon changes from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries and thus initiates the new lunar cycle. Due to the Aries sign, our own emotional world can become much more fiery or we could react very impulsively or even thoughtlessly in this regard. On the other hand, the moon also represents our feminine and hidden parts. In this way, suppressed feelings can emerge and we may tend to follow our first impulses.


daily energyDue to the fact that the Aries zodiac sign also initiates a new cycle, new sensations can also generally appear and we accordingly tend to pursue new feelings instead of holding on to old aspects. Well, otherwise another very significant constellation reaches us, because at 10:16 a.m. Mercury in the zodiac sign Capricorn turns retrograde and with that a special time begins again. In this context, Mercury is also considered the planet of communication and intellect. In particular, it can have a strong influence on our logical thinking, our ability to learn, our ability to concentrate and also our linguistic expression. On the other hand, it also influences our ability to make decisions and puts any type of communication in the foreground. In its declining phase, however, its effects can be of a more decelerated nature, which can, for example, lead to misunderstandings and general problems or pronunciations become bumpy. Conversations do not lead to the desired results, especially if we are not anchored in our own center during this phase and do not allow ourselves to remain calm. Negotiations of any kind are therefore rather counterproductive, which is why it is often said that we should not conclude any contracts in such a phase. With Mercury retrograde, we are asked to pause and withdraw in this regard instead of rushing into circumstances. This is intended to give us the opportunity to think about circumstances or even possible actions on our part, so that we can then move forward thoughtfully and thoughtfully at the end of this phase. On that note, I also have a small list for you here that outlines some important aspects of Mercury retrograde:

What we should leave aside during this time

  • conclude important contracts
  • make hasty decisions
  • make larger investments
  • tackle long-term projects
  • Desperate to move things forward
  • Do things at the last minute

What we should do during this time

  • complete projects that have been started
  • apologize for a mistake
  • revise wrong decisions
  • Work up what is left behind
  • get rid of old things
  • get to the bottom of things
  • reorganize yourself
  • Rethink opinions and attitudes
  • review the past
  • create order

Well then, otherwise it should be said that retrograde Mercury is in the zodiac sign Capricorn. For this reason, it is also about questioning existing structures and thinking about how it is possible to break out of old prisons in order to be able to remove all limitations. In general, for example, questioning the existing pseudo-system can come to the fore in the collective, a circumstance that can show the collective a new direction. In exactly the same way, within this earthy constellation, we can come to consider how we can generally manifest more security, structure and order in our everyday lives. Basically, therefore, a good time is dawning to manifest a new solid foundation for the coming year. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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