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Today's daily energy on December 29th, 2019 will continue to be shaped by the extremely consciousness-changing and, above all, retroactive influences, through which we will increasingly find our way back to ourselves and, as a result, our highest divine spirit even more strongly to express. Like yesterday Daily Energy Article mentioned, the current energy quality puts this aspect very much in the foreground and everything wants to take us back to our roots, i.e. to our highest God-Self (the highest or our divine self-image), lead back.

Celebrate the return to ourselves

Well, for this reason we are currently experiencing the rooting of the highest reality that we can in turn revive, namely a divine reality in which we ourselves, as God/Creator/Origin/Source, are authoritative and primarily responsible for the progress of the collective, because the highest image of ourselves, i.e. the highest experiential wisdom, catapults us completely out of a victim attitude and makes it clear to us that we ourselves are the one God - that we ourselves are also responsible for everything that we can experience. Everything else simply represents a transfer of power, because we then ignore the fundamental aspect that everything in existence is merely images and ideas that we ourselves have brought to life (that we created ourselves). Everything in existence is always based only on our own ideas that we have about the world - and therefore about ourselves - and we alone decide which ideas we bring to life and, above all, whether we want to see a divine reality (the divine “I am” presence) become reality, or whether we limit ourselves and see ourselves as smaller/weaker/insignificant (to revive a lower “I am” present).

This is not just mine, but this is your reality. I am God. Never feel less of yourself and never say anything less about yourself! And your divinity will emerge like the sun after a long night - Sai Baba..!!

And the manifestation of this highest reality, which occurs through a becoming conscious of our highest divine spirit, allows us to view life from this divinity. It changes our entire existence and paves the way for the creation of a golden age (the light or God - the golden age - we find EVERYTHING within ourselves). Today and also the last days of this decade allow us to feel this highest knowledge very strongly, yes, this knowledge itself is very strongly consolidated within us, which is why we should truly celebrate the transition into the golden decade. The transition represents the return of God, i.e. the return to ourselves, in which we understand ourselves (since we ourselves have now understood), that we are the ONE GOD, because EVERYTHING that can be perceived and exists ONLY arises from our SPIRIT (and we decide which image we recognize as truth - image of ourselves - as creators ourselves). Let us therefore take advantage of the last days of this decade and strengthen the highest image of ourselves even more. The transition in the coming days will be powerful and will bring the light back to us. We can celebrate the return to ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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