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Today's daily energy on August 29, 2019 will be shaped on the one hand by the lingering influences of yesterday's portal day and, on the other hand, by the moon in the zodiac sign Leo. Our own self-confidence can therefore be very strong The focus and all the things or inner programming through which we maintain a destructive self-image can also be made clear to us.

Moon in the sign of Leo

Moon in the sign of LeoThe same also applies to habits and beliefs through which we deprive ourselves of our own joy in life, because the moon in the zodiac sign Leo brings our joy in life to the fore as well as an optimistic basic attitude. And if this is not the case at the moment or if we ourselves are not feeling too well at the moment, then we can perceive a corresponding basic feeling even more strongly within ourselves, which at the end of the day is very beneficial to our own development, especially the direct confrontation with states of deficiency awakens in us the indescribable desire to break out of such states - especially in the current time of spiritual awakening. And since we ourselves are the creators of our own reality - yes, even more so, namely the origin of everything that exists - the source from which everything arises and which also creates the entire existence with the help of our own imagination has (pure origin consciousness, - be aware of it - as difficult as it may sometimes be - you yourself have created everything, which is why you yourself represent everything "outside" - everything is one and one is everything, you yourself are everything and everything is yourself, - I am you and you are me - the greatest hidden truth of all - legitimize the highest idea in your own mind instead of making yourself smaller - that can't be true, that's not me - YOU YOURSELF IS EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING IS YOU HIMSELF) we can instantly work on the manifestation of a new reality. And especially towards the end of the month, we can dive much deeper into our own creative powers, because the basic energy will blow everything up again.

The manifestation is both real and unreal. It is real in the sense that it can be observed and unreal in the sense that it has no independent existence without consciousness. Accordingly, only that which has its own, independent existence has reality, and this reality is consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality. – Ramesh S. Balsekar..!!

So on August 31st we reach a final portal day and on September 01st an extremely transformative new moon (The new moon is accompanied by other special circumstances - but more on that in the coming daily energy articles). The coming days will therefore have enormous potential for us and will allow us to experience a lot. A special phase of change. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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