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Today's daily energy on August 29th basically represents our view of the world, for all external influences that ultimately represent a mirror of our own inner state. In this context, all the things, life events, actions and deeds that we perceive from the outside, especially as far as our social environment is concerned, are just reflections of our own aspects. Ultimately, this also has to do with the fact that the entire world/existence is a projection of our own state of consciousness. For this reason, our view of the world, the way we see/perceive people + the world, is that which corresponds to our own current feelings and emotions, merely an image of our own current mental state (one therefore does not see the world as it is, but as one is oneself).

The mirror of life

Mirror of our own inner stateAs far as that is concerned, external states only reflect one's own internal state. For example, if a person is very hateful, then he will mainly perceive things on the outside, which in turn are based on hate. Likewise, he would only see hate in the world, even in places where it didn't exist. But as a result, one's own self-hatred is automatically projected onto the entire outer world (one could also make the claim that one's own lack of self-love would then be an expression of this hateful view). The same would apply to a person who is frequently in a bad mood or who believes that all people are unkind to him or think badly of him. Ultimately, he would then not look back at the positive aspects in conversations or even after conversations with other people, but only think about why the person in question might not like you or might think badly of him. You just look at the world from a negative perspective. At the end of the day, this perspective also means that we mainly draw things into our own lives that would be characterized by such energy (you always draw into your own life what you are and what you radiate). Ultimately, for this reason, the outer world also serves us as a mirror of our own inner state. This principle also reflects one's own negative aspects and behavior. We humans often tend to point the finger at other people, assign a certain degree of blame to them or see negative characteristics/negative parts in them. But this projection is basically a pure self-projection. You see your own undermined parts in other people's lives without even being remotely aware of it.

Everything in existence is merely a mirror of our own inner state, an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness..!!

Seen in this way, one sees in other people what is in turn present in oneself. Well then, today's daily energy is perfect for recognizing these own behaviors. Today we can CONSCIOUSLY recognize our own parts in other people or become aware that what we see in other people, that our view of the world, is merely an expression of our own mental state. We should therefore also use this circumstance and pay attention to how we see corresponding things, what we see in other people and how we deal with them ourselves as a result. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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