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Today's daily energy on September 28, 2019 is mainly characterized by extremely regenerating but also transformative influences, because today is characterized by a new moon (At 20:30 p.m. the moon reaches its “full new moon” form). This new moon puts the relationship with ourselves in the foreground, because the new moon is accompanied by the zodiac sign Libra (Change takes place at 20:30 a.m).

The relationship with ourselves

The relationship with ourselvesFor this reason, this new moon, like no other, represents the relationship with ourselves. Well, like yesterday Daily Energy Article What is often mentioned is all interpersonal relationships, which are not only examined during today's new moon, but can also be brought into harmony. But at the end of the day, all external relationships only reflect the relationship with ourselves. Toxic or low-frequency or even unfulfilled relationships/bonds/connections are ultimately due to an unfulfilled relationship with ourselves. At the end of the day, we attract into our lives what we are, what we radiate, what corresponds to our basic feelings, and a disharmonious/destructive relationship with another person that is relived again and again ultimately reflects an unfulfilled aspect of ourselves again. We ourselves, as creators/sources/origins, are the cause of everything and unfulfilled relationships only point us to an unfulfilled relationship with ourselves (lack of self-love – lack of harmony etc.). Today's new moon will be tough and will show us our relationship with ourselves in a direct way. Today's new moon is accompanied by significantly more aspects. It also represents the highlight of days gone by (especially related to this month), which on the one hand were repeatedly accompanied by permanent frequency increases and on the other hand were accompanied by an incredible, insightful magic. At the end of the day, the new moon paves a completely new access to our inner world and allows a completely new foundation to become manifest. Self-healing is the top priority and if we approach today's new moon day with mindfulness, yes, if we open ourselves to the influences, then a lot can be achieved on our part.

The current energy quality has reached such a high level that all old structures are completely crumbling and we are being drawn into the new at high speed. Today's new moon will represent an important point and will massively deepen our relationship with ourselves. A special event..!!

Now and especially after the past few days (At this point I refer again to the special autumn equinox - special event - a large gate was opened - dimension change/strong collective consciousness change - since so many people have now awakened, great things are currently happening - gigantic progress was made this month - a a completely new level has been reached), the new moon represents a special “shift”. It carries the energies of all the past days and announces a new cycle. The resulting new quality of time will therefore set a very special course for October. Well, in keeping with this, I'll quote another exciting section from the website blumoon.de:

“The sun and moon will connect on September 28.09.2019, 20 at 26:XNUMX p.m. to form the new moon in Libra. This is how a new lunar cycle begins. The focus is on our relationships: love relationships, work relationships, friendships, siblings, children. And of course the relationship with ourselves. The quality of time changes: we can now act dynamically, energetically and proactively. With four planets in Libra, we can devote ourselves to the topic of relationships. A breath of fresh air for relationships The new moon in Libra is in a tense aspect to Chiron in Aries, which makes us particularly sensitive and receptive to relationship issues. The urge to question and uncover everything with a critically probing mind is now great.

But with Mercury, currently in Libra, we can also communicate complex topics diplomatically. Basically, we can ask ourselves where our harmony is disturbed and what needs to be done to get back to our own center. This New Moon reveals both emotional wounds we have experienced in our relationships as well as wounds we have inflicted on others. Testing Relationships Saturn is in a challenging aspect to Venus. So the view of our relationship these days may not be particularly romantic, but rather pragmatic. Saturn, as the guardian of karma, carefully checks in every respect: a strong bond will become even stronger and stronger. An unstable relationship, on the other hand, can be deeply shaken these days.

If the urge for freedom and independence becomes too great, a separation can occur in a flash. So it's best to stick to the rule: think first, then act. Use the new moon in Libra for yourself! In the time of Libra from September 23.09rd. - October 22.10.2019nd, XNUMX we can deal intensively with all relationship topics. And with the New Moon in Libra, we can plant a magnificent seed and experience healing within ourselves and our relationships. A new moon ritual is suitable for this, in a group or for you alone. Write down your intentions: What do you intend to do? What do you want to change and what do you wish for?”

You can find another highly recommended and, above all, extremely interesting article about today's new moon here: bettina-diederichs.com (Unfortunately, it was not possible to quote - this is prevented by the site). With this in mind, dear ones, enjoy today's new moon day and celebrate its energetic influences. After a very intense but also special week in which I was on the move a lot, I will indulge in relaxation. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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