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Today's daily energy on October 28, 2019 is mainly shaped by the influences of the third portal day, which is why all doors are still open to us and we can literally transition into a new state of consciousness. The portal into another world or into another plane of existence = state of consciousness is open (1:1 as the term portal day makes clear), for another eight days (including today) and at the same time opens up completely new possibilities for us, in itself even a strong development of our limitless potential (Original energy).

The third portal day

The third portal dayIt is therefore not surprising that we are confronted with the cleansing of old patterns, because the transition to a higher-frequency state of consciousness simply goes hand in hand with the transformation of our own old structures. We change our own inner world, consolidate a new attitude, a new belief, a new action (luminous habit and activity - instead of destructiveness - giving in to unnatural circumstances) and allow a new reality to result from this. And as creators ourselves, we carry all possibilities within us. We can within a moment (within the present – ​​our core = pure being) change everything and also achieve everything, - since we ourselves are everything and everything represents ourselves, since we ourselves are surrounded by everything and everything is surrounded by ourselves (like inside so outside, like outside so inside). Because of this circumstance, we can also create anything and experience anything. As soon as we shed our own limited lack thinking in this regard (That's not possible, that's not me, I'm much too small, that can't be experienced, I can't create that - limitation/limitation of your own imagination - you yourself, as a creator, cannot expand your own mind in a corresponding direction – Blockade – you can’t imagine something), a borderless world reveals itself to us. A world that is completely permeated by abundance, rather than lack. And that is exactly our origin: Filling!!!On today's third portal day, we are therefore asked even more to activate our own limitless potential in order to fully immerse ourselves in the conscious use of our own creative power to create a harmonious self.

Planetary resonance frequency

In keeping with the ten-day portal day phase, the planetary resonance frequency continues to exhibit powerful anomalies. The suction force is permanently noticeable..!!

After all, the prevailing magic is extremely inspiring, extremely profound and, above all, extremely transformative. For example, after two days ago I was in a rather reserved, slightly exhausted, tired and unproductive mood, this mood completely changed yesterday. I felt the incredible pull of high-frequency states and immediately began to follow this call. Lots of medicinal herbs, lovely conversations, two walks in the forest (one in the dark – super relaxing) and an intensive running session (combined with sprints) resulted from this. It was incredibly liberating and came with a highly transformative vibe that's hard to put into words. Now in the current portal days, everything is possible and we ourselves can change completely. Therefore, use the prevailing potential and create a new reality for yourself NOW. The quality of time is perfect for this. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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    • Margit 28. October 2019, 17: 23

      WOW – thank you very much!

    Margit 28. October 2019, 17: 23

    WOW – thank you very much!