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Today's daily energy on October 28, 2017 shows us our own outside world in a very special way and makes it clear to us once again that everything in existence is just a reflection of our own inner state. Ultimately, we always see our own parts in other people - whether positive or even negative - and see a reflection of our own inner state. The entire world is just a projection of our own inner state and our own perception of the world is always based on the quality of our own mental spectrum. What bothers us on the outside only makes us aware of a certain dissatisfaction with ourselves, aspects of ourselves that we consciously or unconsciously reject.

Continued strong cosmic influences

Continued strong cosmic influencesOn the other hand, lust can also be in the foreground today. In this context, this does not only refer to sexual pleasure, but to pleasure in general. Ultimately, this more pronounced sensation is due to a strong presence or connection between Venus and Pluto, which makes this strong feeling of pleasure present. Due to the square between Venus and Pluto, this lust can also manifest itself in a negative sense and result in compulsive actions. For this reason, today's lust can also be expressed in particular in an increased tendency to addiction. Whether hedonism, gambling, drug addiction or even the addiction to sexual stimulation, nowadays lust and the resulting addictions can be in the foreground. Otherwise, the crescent moon in Aquarius can also mean that we humans may have to struggle with interpersonal conflicts and, at the same time, also tend to be overworked to a certain extent. As far as that is concerned, these influences are also being reinforced by current high-energy influences. So the current level of vibration on our planet is still high and that despite the ended series of portal days. Ultimately, the awakening of the collective awakening continues and the stormy circumstance on our planet remains for the time being.

No matter what the current cosmic influences may be, we humans can choose at any time whether we legitimize positive or even negative thoughts in our own mind, whether we let certain compulsions and behaviors dominate us or not..!!

However, we humans should not be put off by this in any way and should not be guided too much by the star constellations. At the end of the day, we can always act in a self-determined manner and choose for ourselves which interests we pursue. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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