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Today's daily energy on March 28, 2020 continues to be shaped by the extremely strong and daily potentiating frequency influences and is leading our planet and above all our human civilization even deeper into their own creative potential. The mass consciousness will gradually be catapulted into more luminous states and more and more people will consciously find themselves in their spiritual awakening process (The suction force is enormous, the 3D matrix, i.e. the apparent system, is increasingly being seen through and is collapsing more and more).

The Overarching Fear – The Greatest Transformation

The golden age is coming

I took the picture yesterday evening. You can see the waxing crescent moon and Venus above it. Somehow this sighting was very mystical and triggered special feelings in me, which is why I didn't want to withhold this picture from you - the energy was strong and 100% significant!!!

As already mentioned in my past daily energy articles, this circumstance will now become more and more widespread and hardly a day will go by without new people questioning the world. In this context, I have now been repeatedly confronted with people who were completely closed until a few months ago, but are now waking up due to the current crisis and have begun to question the world (the hearts open more and more, - rejection of new/unknown information, - that was previously not in harmony with one's own conditioned world view, becomes significantly less). Of course, there is also the extreme, i.e. people who are so deeply anchored in their fear and ignorance, i.e. so deeply in the system, that they themselves react with strong rejection, and sometimes even with hatred, towards other people. Corona (i.e. the “weak virus” – if it exists at all: Keyword Germanic medicine – don’t blindly reject this information, – closed heart/closed mind, but question/inform) is the prime example here, because the fact that many people are guided purely by their fear of infection means that many people react to this in a very derogatory and sometimes even mentally distant manner (it is simply the BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION of dark/severe ones energies - low frequencies that humanity has EVER experienced).

Between divinity and ungodliness

Many people complain when distances are not maintained (sometimes some of them become really abusive), on the other hand, people no longer shake hands, hugs are avoided and ONLY because of collective FEAR (the fear that you have allowed to be injected into your own mind - through television, print media, society and co. - Because of a virus that is NOT dangerous in ANY WAY - the real virus is, as I said, FEAR ). It is just a big battle that is taking place, but no, in itself it is much more than that, it is the greatest flooding of our planet with light/high frequencies, through which humanity processes and dissolves primal traumas. Experiencing and questioning this fear now creates a new ground on which a new spiritual state, free from fear and ignorance/ungodliness, can flourish. Humanity is now being forced to join the Ascension and the more one refuses to do so, the harder the subsequent confrontation with this knowledge will be, because if the system falls, i.e. if our planet fully ascends, then for many people there will be a so far known world collapses and a new unknown world moves in (Of course, we all still want a smooth transition!!!).

The golden age is coming

Well, everything serves to manifest the golden age and this age will 100% come, the time is designed for it, there is no turning back, it is INEVITABLE! Ultimately, too many people are now awakened. This mass of awakened people and the incoming light impulses are drawing us all ever more deeply into the experience of this age and, as I said, the “game” can no longer be reversed, it is too late! Preventing all undertakings in this era only triggers even more contrary processes (awakening) and ultimately only serves to delay the inevitable. Highly intelligent forces are currently influencing us in the background and everything is preparing for the golden age. The rise is therefore constantly noticeable, we are right in the middle of it. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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