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Today's daily energy on March 28, 2019 is influenced on the one hand by the influences of the ninth portal day, on the other hand by the Moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn and also by Mercury, which in turn becomes direct at 15:03 p.m. In keeping with the extremely strong basic energetic quality, which has been able to favor special living conditions and insights, especially in the last four days (I have been through a lot myself or rather I have been able to experience new aspects for myself and my creation), Mercury now brings significantly more stability into our lives due to its direct movement.

Communication & Intellect

Spiritual developmentIn particular, this applies to all communicative topics, technical aspects and generally to our own mood, which can therefore be accompanied by an increased ability to learn, a more pronounced ability to concentrate and also a more alert mind. As far as directness is concerned, it should also be said that each planet brings with it completely individual aspects/topics. A retrograde planet is associated with conflicts or rather with corresponding issues that should be given greater attention in such phases, especially if there are disagreements in this regard. In this context, Mercury is represented as a planet of communication and intellect. If Mercury is direct, then its effects in this relationship can be of a harmonious nature and the corresponding life circumstances may be corrected. For this reason, Mercury in direct transit can be of great benefit to us, especially when it comes to communication issues (communication with others/ourselves – we are creation) there were difficulties. In combination with the “Capricorn Moon”, this results in a special mix of energies that make us much more conscientious and could increase our self-realization. And if you then consider the energetically strong basic quality (see for example bottom image, – Space Observing Center, – planetary resonance frequency), then the last two portal days could bring about a very dramatic upswing effect. Planetary resonance frequency

In themselves, you could view the 10 portal days as a kind of transition into a phase of prosperity. A phase that will now fully usher in spring along with abundance towards the end. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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