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On the one hand, today's daily energy on June 28, 2019 is still characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, which means that we work with perseverance and tremendous perseverance to realize our own dreams, Desires and ambitions can have an effect and on the other hand, or associated with it, with your own destructive habits and co. can be confronted.

Let new structures become manifest

Let new structures become manifest

After all, the "Taurus Moon" goes hand in hand with a penchant for sociability and also sticking to habits. In this context, corresponding habits are also very much involved in shaping our own reality. Of course, everything in existence is a product of our own minds (all of existence in fact - everything represents our spirit/energy), but our mind is also made up of the sum total of what we do/experience or pursue on a daily basis (apart from one's own beliefs, beliefs, etc.). Habits, which in turn are rooted as programs in our subconscious, are transported again and again into our day-consciousness (brought before our eyes). There are structures that want to be lived out because of this, which is why it is important to recognize and then "transform" our own destructive habits, especially when it comes to transforming our own reality. In this way, by initiating small changes, we restructure/program our subconscious and subsequently fill our lives with harmonious habits/programs, which at the end of the day allow us to manifest more harmonious living conditions. The Taurus Moon can therefore let us feel corresponding habits in a special way, yes, we may become more aware of such programs, be confronted with them in order to finally be able to initiate a change, in line with the current extremely high-frequency phase in which everyone human being is literally asked to not only completely to himself (original state) to find our way back, but also to transform all states through which we allow ourselves to be trapped in a low frequency.

All things have the female behind and the male in front of them. When the masculine and feminine unite, all things attain harmony. – Lao Tse..!!

5D structures are just becoming more manifest by the day and the healing potential is consequently increasing by the day. An unbelievable energy prevails and we are therefore now offered the opportunity to bring our lives into complete harmony. We can step out of our comfort zone and shed destructive beliefs, beliefs, beliefs, worldviews, all deficiencies and most importantly deprivation-based habits, especially in these days. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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