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With today's daily energy on July 28, 2023, the currently direct planet of knowledge and communication Mercury is changing to the zodiac sign Virgo, which will give us a new energy quality in this regard. On the other hand, today, matching the last days of July, we are also receiving the last portal day of this month. In this way, we can increasingly perceive today's energy quality and generally experience the circumstance of the day more intensely than usual. Ultimately, this portal day also marks the beginning of the slowly beginning transition to the third and last summer month of August.

Everything is accelerated

daily energyIn this context, it is also hard to believe that August is just around the corner. From year to year we see everything progressing at a significantly increased speed. Everything is accelerated, not only our personal spiritual transformation, but also the further development of the collective. Mainly, this massive acceleration is related to the increase in spin of our own lightbody. Due to the fact that our own field is expanding more and more and also gaining in lightness, we experience how all levels of existence take place in a greatly accelerated extent. Because of this, we also feel like time is passing faster. Well nonetheless we are now heading towards the final months of the year and we will experience some magical days or circumstances along the way, just as today's Portal Day carries a special magic.

Mercury changes to the zodiac sign Virgo

Mercury changes to the zodiac sign VirgoOtherwise, as already mentioned at the beginning of the article, Mercury changes from the zodiac sign Leo to the zodiac sign Virgo. As a result, the manifestation of a new life structure will be in the foreground from today. Virgo at this point is also always associated with structure, order, health and a general life based on healing. In the phase that has now begun, we can therefore acquire a lot of knowledge that will enable us to take new paths to health again. In addition, this constellation brings us a lot of grounding and is responsible for the fact that we give ourselves back to essential circumstances and allow healthy structures to become manifest. And if today's Mercury change takes place on a portal day, we will experience the associated influences much more intensively. Well, finally, I would like to refer to my latest YouTube video again, in which I talk about long hair (subtle antennae) and why long hair in general can strengthen our connection to the origin. The video is embedded below. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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