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new moon

With today's daily energy on July 28, 2022, the energies of a powerful new moon reach us, which in turn is in the zodiac sign Leo and will therefore fully express its fire qualities. The moon changed to the zodiac sign Leo at 08:35 a.m. and the new moon became fully manifest again at 19:54 p.m. At the same time, the sun has been in the zodiac sign Leo for a few days, whereby a double fire energy will affect us in this regard. The lion itself, as a powerful or combative, proud, outward-looking but also shining sign, also goes hand in hand with one's own heart energy.

True Being – Leo Energy

new moonThe lion is energetically assigned the heart chakra. At the core, the focus here is on an authentic and, above all, truthful life. How often do we, due to decades of system conditioning, tend to keep our own heart energy suppressed and, as a result, push our deepest longings, heart's desires and possibilities aside out of fear and other deficiency programs. We fail to be authentic, that is, to stand by our true self and, above all, with our heart, which creates a blockage or disruption within our own energy field (Chakras, meridians and co.) maintained. Of course, on the one hand there is a lack of connection to our higher self (high/holy/divine/nature-connected image of yourself) in the foreground, which means that we generally have an extremely closed heart, which in turn can express itself in resentment, rejection, judgment, a closed self-image, a lack of openness to new knowledge or even a lack of connection to animals and nature. Nevertheless, our personal authenticity is particularly important here. It is therefore about our personal flourishing, i.e. that our entire being falls into place, in which we no longer bend ourselves or work against our deepest inner truth, in which we hide from other people and circumstances, which is essentially just hiding from ours true nature, because we ourselves as a source are not only connected to everything, but we also represent everything, there is no separation, we are everything and everything is ourselves.

Jupiter retrograde and unrest energy

Jupiter retrograde and unrest energyOn the other hand, Jupiter will be retrograde from today until November 24th. The planet represents happiness, abundance, expansion, justice and truthfulness. On the other hand, Jupiter also represents our trust in life. A decline is always accompanied by increased scrutiny of corresponding issues, which in turn are anchored in the imbalance. Retrograde Jupiter can therefore deeply address trust in ourselves, especially our basic trust. In this context, our basic trust in life or in our own being is essential to manifesting a circumstance based on abundance. If we don't have trust in ourselves and don't know that on the one hand everything is tailored to us and on the other hand that the best thing is happening for us, i.e. that we will automatically be led to the highest on our ascension process, that we are heading towards a state of maximum salvation , then we live in distrust of ourselves and continue to create the opposite circumstances for ourselves, which in turn are characterized by lack. The outside world will then confirm our inner distrust.

Lunar Nodes in Taurus, Uranus and Mars

And since retrograde Jupiter is also in the zodiac sign Aries, the energy quality is also accompanied by important and, above all, upcoming changes in self-realization, which we now want to devote ourselves to more internally, but need a little energy and time to pursue can. On the other hand, this combination wants to activate our inner fire in depth. Well then, otherwise in a few days we will also reach a very restless and, above all, fateful astrological position. On August 02nd, a conjunction between Mars and Uranus will be active, which is associated with sudden and, above all, explosive events. Mars (on August 1th) and Uranus (on July 31th) in conjunction with the North Node of the Moon. This successive combination of three represents an energetically very large mixture that carries an extremely fateful quality and, viewed collectively, wants to bring about major changes, even if this can happen in a very turbulent and, above all, explosive way. The whole thing can manifest itself very strongly on a collective and, above all, global level and can be accompanied by major conflicts but also profound detachments. However, we will find out to what extent this energy mixture will manifest itself and what it essentially entails in the coming days. Until then, we can all absorb the special energy of the Leo new moon and make our hearts shine. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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