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The daily energy today lets us look back a little on the past few weeks and at the same time signals to us that it will now be a little quieter again. In this context, the past few weeks have been stormy, especially in terms of cosmic radiation. The weather went really crazy, a lot was stirred up in our own mind and breakups, arguments, strong conflicts + drastic life changes / changes,therefore also occurred on all levels of existence. Apart from that, the collective state of consciousness was literally shaken up due to the stormy energetic environment.

Things are a little quieter again

Things are a little quieter againThis was particularly noticeable externally through interpersonal conflicts and changeable weather. So once again our weather was completely turned upside down by Haarp. The result was heavy rainfall in large parts of Germany. Even in the Lower Saxony area there were severe floods and entire villages were under water. At the same time, a strong solar storm reached us 1-2 weeks earlier, which favored all these changes and also the resulting renewals. Nevertheless, all of this is now leveling off again and today things are much more harmonious and relaxed. Solar activity, particularly related to solar flares, has flattened out completely, and the weather is relaxing in the same way, and the massive precipitation in the Lower Saxony area is coming to an end. So everything returns to the usual “normality” and the sun will chart the further course of our weather. The situation is just as relaxed today and we can prepare for a calmer interpersonal climate.

Today is a perfect day to nurture our interpersonal relationships. Positive basic thoughts characterize the quality of our own thought spectrum today and allow wonderful ideas to flourish..!!

For this reason we should come out again today, should do something, should tackle things, cultivate our relationships instead of hiding. The signs are good and so we can prepare ourselves for a day full of joyful moments. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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