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Today's daily energy on January 28, 2020 continues to be shaped by the energies of the golden decade and therefore continues to show us the kingdom of God, i.e. our own inner kingdom (We ourselves represent the kingdom of God, i.e. the presence of the creative authority, everything thrives in us, everything is created/created through us, - the entire existence is embedded in our own spirit - everything is one and one is everything) and therefore awakens the urge within us to fully realize ourselves.

The highest self wants to be lived

The highest self wants to be livedAfter all, in the past few months, especially in relation to the final months of the last decade, a lot of people - who have been in their spiritual awakening process for years (Quantum leap into awakening – self-discovery process – recognizing who you really are), found their highest divine spirit again and recognized who they themselves are, i.e. that they themselves represent everything, created everything and the sole creator/God, represent.

Why you are the highest and only creative authority

“For as I said, everything, truly EVERYTHING, was created only by you and no one else, - just as the experience of reading this article was created ONLY by you. Everything happens within you, every word you read here and the associated feelings exist within you and were created by you! Every human being, every galaxy, or rather everything perceptible and everything that exists, every human being, as a creator himself, does not exist outside of you, but only within you - there is no other creative being other than yourself. Other creators mirror this only yourself as the creator again - they are creators that you have created for yourself as the sole creator and who can also become aware of the fact that they themselves, as the sole creator, have created creators who can become aware of this! ONLY YOU CREATE - EVERYTHING CREATE EXISTS ONLY IN YOUR MIND - or is there something outside of you? Imagine... and that's it, the "outside" are just ideas from you about the "outside" - there is therefore only one instance, you yourself, who constantly experiences yourself in all other people or in everything else that exists - that highest knowledge - the highest divine spirit - the highest experienceable image of yourself."

The highest self equalizes itself

And now, in this year/decade, something magical is happening. After self-knowledge, knowledge is always deeply rooted in one's own existence. Your own self-image has changed and as a result you create a completely new reality. Of course, on the one hand, through the new self-knowledge, you have already connected to a completely new reality, but the experience of a divine reality on all levels of existence and in all areas of life, that in turn represents a process. Our own ego structures and other shadow-heavy aspects of our part just stick still in our system, simply because people have lived for decades in a reality in which God, i.e. the divine self-image, was not present. But the highest image of God is strong and by rooting this self-image, you automatically create, over time, a reality in which you embody this divine self-image on all levels of existence (the law of resonance is always based on the image we have of ourselves!! We attract what we ourselves are).

The time has come!!

And that is exactly what will now become manifest on our planet and, above all, in our lives. Believe me, dear ones, the time has now come when we will free ourselves from all shadows and fully live out our highest God self. It is the return of the light within ourselves, through which the light can return in the world, because only when we change ourselves does the world change. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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