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Today's daily energy on January 28, 2019 is still influenced by the Moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which means that influences continue to reach us that can make us feel more emotional, passionate and ambitious than usual. The focus could also be on a corresponding self-overcoming, i.e. we feel a tendency to leave our comfort zone in order to discover completely new ones (for us unknown) to be able to follow paths.

Unleash our limitless potential

daily energy

The Scorpio Moon influences therefore go hand in hand with the current collective basic mood, namely accepting the new or new states of consciousness and the associated life circumstances, feelings and intentions as they are, instead of dwelling on old mental/emotional structures, which is so important Such perseverance can also be beneficial for one's own mental and emotional maturity. Overcoming one's own rigid life patterns or overcoming one's own current circumstance/condition also goes hand in hand with becoming aware of our own limitless abilities. The more we overcome ourselves, the more we leave our own comfort zone, the more we re-root ourselves in our own divine nature, our true power, our unlimited creative potential. We are once again experiencing that much more is possible than we often assume, much more than we are led to believe or, better said, much more than we have previously believed (Even if there are circles that want to prevent us from developing our own divine potential with all their might, we ourselves are responsible for our own limits - no limits are imposed on us, we allow limits to be imposed on us). We then experience an explosion of our own self-imposed limits and feel how, within a short period of time, our mental state and with it our life changes, a very special feeling that is always accompanied by a corresponding lightness (coping with heavy energies, towards fullness, towards lightness).

When the mind is completely absorbed in something, it will lose some of its fear. Only when he is absorbed in love and the knowledge of the divine source will he lose all fear. – Aldous Huxley..!!

Of course, it's often not easy to leave your own comfort zone, but if we take the appropriate step, it's incredibly inspiring in the long run. The current energy quality can also greatly support us in realizing such projects, which is why we can also pursue corresponding changes today. Tomorrow, January 29th, is also a portal day, which is why the associated energies can support us even more in a corresponding project. Therefore, I can only emphasize one thing: use the current, very special quality of energy and create a life that corresponds to your deepest mental intentions. If we open up now, indescribable things will become possible. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Daily Inspiration | Joy of the day on January 28, 2019 – living in the now

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