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daily energy,

Today's daily energy on August 28, 2017 stands for the exchange of energies, for the balancing of forces. For this reason, we humans can also ensure an inner balance much more easily today. In exactly the same way, today's daily energy also stands for a force that can be both destructive/destructive and constructive/creative in nature. Ultimately, it is also up to us how we use the daily energetic circumstance, whether we use our own mind to create a harmonious/free reality, or whether we still keep ourselves trapped in self-imposed vicious cycles.

Exchange and balancing of energies

daily energy,In this context, it is also important that we deal with our own self-created imbalance in order to be able to ensure balance again. It is never an advantage to repress one's own problems, to undermine one's own shadow parts, to deny them, not to stand by them or even to suppress one's own suffering. When certain thought issues dominate our own mind, when there is an inner imbalance within us, when we suffer from mental illnesses or have discrepancies - such as manifesting themselves as stress, anxiety, jealousy and other lower ambitions + thoughts/feelings, then it's easy absolutely necessary to deal with these daily burdens. Otherwise, this burdens our own mind on a daily basis, which in the long run also severely affects our own health. At the end of the day, this simply causes a permanent lowering of our own vibrational frequency. Daily stress or other psychological problems that subliminally dominate our own mind are simply poison for our own vibrational frequency. Apart from that, we also favor the creation of a weakened immune system, which in turn favors the development of diseases of all kinds. In exactly the same way, trauma and other formative life events that are not resolved, i.e. inner conflicts that we cannot let go of, can massively promote the development of serious diseases such as cancer.

The more our own mind/body/spirit system becomes unbalanced, the more it affects our own health and diminishes our own self-confidence..!!

For this reason, it is also very important for our own mental and emotional well-being to ensure balance again in order to be able to eliminate this permanent mental pollution. At the end of the day, this also inspires our own constitution, ensures a significantly better charisma and promotes our own self-confidence. The same applies to breaking free from dependencies. Any addiction, be it a partner addiction, a drug addiction, or even a special life circumstance robs us of our daily peace, makes us ill, and limits our lives.

Like everything in existence, freedom is just a state of consciousness. Here one also likes to speak of a spirit that is geared towards freedom instead of, for example, dependency..!!

We can't really become healthy or even free if we limit ourselves again and again and keep ourselves trapped in dependencies. Ultimately, we should therefore use today's daily energy to ensure more freedom and balance in this regard. We should consciously deal with our own problems so that, in the long term, we can no longer give energy to destructive trains of thought. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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