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Today's daily energy on April 28, 2020 is still made up of influences through which the entire human collective is experiencing a tremendous ascension and is freeing itself from everything that is again based on a low frequency. In this context, I already spoke about the intensity of this circumstance in yesterday's daily energy article and pointed out that we are currently recognizing and subsequently clearing up countless self-imposed deceptions.

The unveiling of our divinity

On the one hand, all deceptions relate to a highly disinformative circumstance, accompanied by and based on a pseudo-system - that only exists to keep humanity controllable and manipulable (or rather, deep down, it's about preventing humanity from finding God itself, i.e. becoming divine, powerful and independent - THAT IS THE CORE OF EVERYTHING!!!! - It's ONLY about our divinity/our light that shouldn't be developed and we were forced into a system or we got involved in a system that keeps this knowledge completely hidden - this system is controlled, at least when we turn our gaze outwards and leave the creator consciousness for a moment, by those in power who in turn carry this creator knowledge within themselves, but abuse it completely for their own purposes and therefore do not deal with God/light/a high frequency, but with the devil/darkness/ identify a low frequency - hence all satanic practices and co. which are currently increasingly coming to the surface and will soon be made public) and on the other hand, this aspect refers to self-imposed deception and small-mindedness, i.e. an ignorant/deceived state of consciousness in which one repeatedly indulges in low-frequency behaviors, views and worldviews that make one feel small and, above all, not divine.

Breaking out of our self-created prison

And this process has currently taken on enormous dimensions. The unveiling of our true core is increasing day by day. In doing so, some people experience the beginnings of an unveiling in which they realize that something is wrong with the world/the system. On the other hand, people who are already deep in these structures (for years) are anchored, a further unveiling of all the structures through which we keep ourselves mentally limited and insulated (all shadow-heavy actions and habits that we have maintained since we were little and see as normal - as an example I could cite an unnatural/industrial diet, far away from MEDICINAL HERBS, vegetables, etc. - and that would be just one example, the “seduction”/deception or rather the destructiveness and shadow-heavy structures go much deeper - as I said, a corresponding video is being planned). This process, i.e. the return to the divine, the seeing through of all apparent structures and, above all, the breakout from the old 3D matrix, all of this has taken on gigantic features since 2020 and has been constantly expanding since then. We are therefore inevitably heading towards a complete uninstallation/conversion of the existing system and this happens 100%! Today's daily energy therefore ties directly into this process and will continue to drive the global unveiling process. Nothing else is what the collective is experiencing right now, nothing else is happening these days. It is the change of the world come true (related to the external and internal world, - both expressions of ourselves, - the unity, the great whole). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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